Unions Work for Women - Registration

This course is for PSAC women members who:
live and work in the Prairie region;
have completed the TUB (Talking Union Basics) course or have 
   gained equivalent experience through being an active PSAC member;
would like to learn about issues facing women;
want to have a more active role in their union.
are ready to work with other women to build a stronger union.
Course Overview:
The Unions Work for Women course will bring together PSAC women from across the Prairie region for an intense five days of talking, learning, laughing and challenging each other to develop strategies for achieving equality.  The goal of this course is to build a better union by encouraging and supporting active PSAC women.
Course participants will increase their confidence, learn more about women in the labour and social justice movements, build on their leadership skills and strategize about how to address the challenges faced by women workers in Canada and around the world.
The details:
The PSAC will provide travel, accommodation, meal and incidental allowances, loss of salary, and reimbursement of family care costs, in accordance with the PSAC Travel and Family Care policies.  
We are committed to ensuring that the course participants reflect the diversity of the PSAC membership in the Prairies and we have set aside a minimum of eight seats on the Women at Work course for members of the PSAC’s equality-seeking groups (Aboriginal; Racialized; Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual or Transgendered; Persons with a Disability; Youth).  
PSAC women interested in this course are asked to complete the following registration application form and submit it by Monday August 13th 
All applicants will be contacted by August 24th to advise if they have been accepted as a participant on the course.  Details about travel, accommodation, expenses, etc. will be sent to members selected as course participants by August 31st. 
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If you do not know your PSAC ID #, you can call your PSAC Regional Office for that information.
If you do not know your Component or Directly Chartered Local please contact your PSAC Regional Office or it will be added on your behalf.
If you do not know your Local number, please call your PSAC Regional Office or it will be added on your behalf.
For example a position on your local executive.

Conference Environment

SMOKE AND SCENT FREE:  All PSAC events, including this conference, are smoke-free. To assist members with environmental sensitivities, this conference will be a scent-free event as much as possible. Suggestions for a scent-free environment will be provided to confirmed conference participants

Optional Self Identification

The PSAC is committed to ensuring that PSAC education programs are accessible to all members. The information requested in this section will help us select participants for this course, and will help determine if we are reaching members who belong to groups identified in the PSAC Human Rights policy.  All information will be kept confidential.

Are you a member of one or more of the following Equity-Seeking Groups? Please note that to qualify to attend this conference, you must self-identify as a Woman
Our Organization: