Tim Hubick November 2019 PRC Report

Tim Hubick

Southern Saskatchewan Geographical Rep

Prairie Region Council May 2019


It has been an active time in Southern Saskatchewan with, with Phoenix pay system rallies, Various committee meetings and A.G.M.S. Rally to show support to other unions. Engaging members to get out and vote. Training for the committee executive members. Stuffing mail out regarding federal election. Pride events to name a few.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the new government in place. I plan on working with area council and the area council rep to see what we can do as far as lobbing.

Events I plan on attending vigil for murdered and missing women. Trans day of remembrance. international Human Rights Day event world. To name a few a few.

The south Saskatchewan human rights committee is looking at hold a candle lite march for international human rights day this year as well.

I have attended workshops and training sessions put on by the RO.

Over the past the past months I continue to  with the regional office in Regina to figure out ways to engage members.

I have attended Area council meetings. Sitting on the executive for this committee. I have also chaired for Regina Human rights committee this committee is a still in stage of re-development. But has seen much success several new members showing up for meetings.


Issues that still burn strong here in southern Saskatchewan:

The lack of involvement at members at local and committee council meetings.   

Phoenix pay system.


Goals for future:

To keep working with the RO and committees to draw in more members to attend meetings.

Continue to reach out and contact with all the locals and explain the purpose of all the committees as I have heard from several members, they do not know what the committees do. Thinking of drawing up a email explaining the purpose to send out to locals to share with members.

I will keep standing for crowns.

To keep working with SLF, RDLC, and other unions in solidarity.

To keep all members informed on upcoming events.

To keep phoenix pay system nightmare resolved.

Keep members engaged and encourage them to contact the MP as prepare to enter a provincial election year inform members of election concerns encouraging members to educate themselves on the issues.

Keep members informed on bargaining updates and encourage them to support our barraging teams.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Respectively submitted.


In solidarity,

Tim Hubick