Special RAPC Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the RAPC Special Meeting with REVP
August 6th, 2014



Special meeting of the Regional Aboriginal Peoples Circle
August 6th, Prince Albert Travelodge

In attendance:

Committee members:
Eloise Fineday
Trudy Lerat
Kurtis McAdam
Denni Ernst
Regrets:  Dave Beeds

Special Guest – Elder Gordon Ratt

Marianne Hladun, Regional Executive Vice President, Prairies
Louise Mardell – Public Service Alliance Regional Office

This meeting was called to discuss the status and future of the committee.

Sister Hladun spoke about the PSAC priorities and how all committee work should tie in to this agenda:

  1. Defend Public Services
  2. Save Public Service Jobs
  3. work to change the current government

Marianne continued to explain that while the hard work of the committee is greatly appreciated that procedures need to be followed to assure accountability to the whole membership.

Questions and discussion followed on various topics such as the financial status of the committee, minutes of meetings, notices of meetings, resources available to the committee and the need for an updated handbook.

The following decisions and commitments were made:

  1. The committee will move forward with providing minutes since January 2014.  Minutes cannot be in a scanned document as they cannot be posted in that format.
  2. Notices of future meetings will be sent to the RO at least two weeks in advance, with an agenda.  The RO will advertise through the web site and broadcast by email to the membership.
  3. The Regional Office will work on posting any minutes for 2013 that were received in scanned format and any others that the committee can provide. 
  4. The REVP’s office will cover the outstanding $65 owed to Brother Beeds. Receipt will need to be sent to the REVP’s office.
  5. The Committee members will make every effort to participate in the mini school training later this month.

Sister Hladun spoke about the upcoming fall PRC meeting and advised that one member of each committee will be invited to participate.   Marianne explained the need for consistency in dealing with the media.  She explained how members can be protected against employer retaliation if the message comes from the REVP’s office.   The committee requested some media and political action training.  Louise will discuss this further with the Education Officer and the REVP.

The Committee thanked Sister Hladun for coming out to meet with them and for the ongoing support.


Meeting adjourned.