September 15: National Day of Action

On July 18, the National Board of Directors made a decision to hold a cross-country day of action this fall on Saturday, September 15, 2012.

Activities for the cross-country day of action will be organized in every PSAC region, and will be coordinated through the PSAC's Regional Offices. PSAC's Regional Executive Vice-Presidents will work closely with Component Presidents, RVPs and NVPs, Area Councils, Directly Chartered Locals, and Regional Committees.

We encourage all members to discuss plans with their respective Locals and/or Committees and to speak with their Regional Offices about how to get involved.

Where possible - for example in large centres - we hope that all parts of the PSAC can come together with allies and community partners under the banner of one large activity or event (rather than several small ones).

National Day of Action

• It is meant to be a high point in the PSAC's We Are ALL Affected campaign.

• It is meant to bring together all parts of the PSAC - Components and their Locals, Directly Chartered Locals, Area Councils, Regional Committees, and Regional Councils. We want to organize this day of action together.

• It is meant to involve other Unions, allies, community partners, and ordinary citizens - because we are ALL affected by the cuts to federal services and jobs imposed by the government.

• It is meant to be a union-wide priority from coast to coast to coast.

• It is meant to show that we are ALL affected, and that we are standing together to defend public services from coast to coast to coast.

Getting Ready

We invite you to check out the We are ALL affected webpage for campaign materials, messages and ideas for events and activities. 

Be proactive - send information on events and activities happening over the summer so we can post them on the campaign webpage. Send us profiles and stories of how cuts to services and jobs are affecting individuals and communities.