Satinder Bains Report February 2018

I continue to attend and work with the Regina Human Rights and Regina Area Council committees and attended the meetings on regular bases.  Continued to participate in on the PRC conference calls to keep up to the current events and issues in the PSAC.

November 8th staged an information line to show support and solidarity to the suffering workers at the Edmonton Maximum penitentiary. Our brothers and sisters are facing threats and harassment in the workplace on a daily base. Our members deserve to be treated with respect in a harassment free workplace also be provided the tools and manpower to work in a safe environment.

November 30th I attended the Leadership training in Ottawa, the training was well attended by over 300 union activists from coast to coast. The Three days consisted of Leadership in the PSAC Chaired by Sister Hladun, brought in Panels to discuss current issues such as Phoenix, Negotiating Protections for Workplace safety from Domestic Violence, Plenary Workshops, Regional Caucuses, wealth of knowledge and experience shared by all members on how we can move forward with our continuing struggles. We also had the opportunity to protest and show support against the unfair practices the management uses in the workplace against our union brothers and sisters at the probation services head office. The main objectives of the training were to uncover our individual strengths and challenges as leaders. We had the opportunities to explore the value of different leadership approaches and identify our own approach.

December 9th, 2017 Regina Area Council held the annual Holiday meet and greet at the Regina Regional Office, this was to show all of members who volunteer their appreciations as well. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. On December 19th we had a Rally to Support the Border Services Officers in Regina. Our members are 3.5 Years without a contract, these are the brothers and sisters who keep Canada‚Äôs Border safe and they deserve to be treated fairly.