Saskatoon Womens Committee Meeting Minutes

 Minutes from the September 24, 2013 Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

Present:  Nancy Johnson , Chair (UTE), Elena Beynon, Secretary-Treasurer (AGR), Rosemary Neufeld (AGR), Nicole Wurm (AGR), and Louise Mardell (PSAC Regional Rep) 


The RWC along with the Saskatoon & District Area Council, and Locals from Agriculture and Union of Taxation Employees participated in the Food Bank garden on 2nd Avenuethis summer.  It was a success and several rows of beans, carrots, beets and onions were harvested.  Thanks go out to Curtis Veale, Karen Zoller, Rosemary Neufeld, Nicole Wurm and Nancy Johnson for all of their hard work on this project. 

A donation of $200 will be made to the Saskatoon Food Bank later this year as specified in the 2013 budget. 

 SDLC Summer Snack Program

The RWC organized volunteers and participated again with the Summer Snack program which provides free, healthy lunches during the summer months at six Saskatoonparks. 

A donation of $200 will be made to the Summer Snack program as specified in the 2013 budget. 

 National Equity Conference

The PSAC National Equity Conference will take place in Torontofrom November 18-22, 2013.  The RWC’s delegate will be Karen Zoller and Nancy Johnson is on the steering committee as the Prairies Women’s Rep on the PRC. 

Take Back the Night

Take Back the Night march will be taking place later tonight.  It is scheduled to coincide with the University of Saskatchewan`s Sexual Assault Awareness week.  Meeting place is at the Saskatoon Farmer`s Market. Members plan to attend after this meeting. 

 Scotiabank Game Changer

This is a contest sponsored by Scotiabank to recognize organizations who have shown leadership as ‘difference makers’ in their communities in the areas of: Health, Education, Social Services, Arts, Sports and the Environment. Savelia Curniski, one of the founders of NASHI, a local organization that seeks to raise awareness of child sex trafficking and is in the process of building a safehouse in the Ukrainefor children at risk, was nominated and is one of the finalists.  She has already won $1000 for NASHI and stands to win a further $25 000.  The RWC has supported this charity in the past and will be encouraging members and their families to show their support for Savelia by voting for her online.  Individuals need to log on to the Gamechanger site and can vote once a day. 

Action:  A message will be sent out by the regional office on behalf of the RWC to local contacts asking members for to support this worthwhile cause by voting for Savelia.  Members should vote on their personal time with their own computers.  Elena to compose message and forward to Louise for distribution. 

Sisters in Spirit (SIS) Vigil

The SIS will be holding their 8th annual vigil for missing and murdered Aboriginal women on
October 4, 2013at 168 Wall Streetat the Saskatoon Indian & Metis Friendship Centre starting at 6pm.  Speakers will be present and soup and bannock will be served. 

A poster for this event will be posted on the PSAC Regional website. 

 ReginaOne-day event in Moose Jaw

The Regina RWC will be hosting a one-day education event in Moose Jawon October 19th.  Topics of discussion include:  childcare, domestic violence, yoga.  Lunch and refreshments will be available and childcare is available on site.  Registration can be done online on the PSAC Regional website.  Limited funding may be available to cover travel for members. 

It was decided at this meeting that the RWC would sponsor Nicole Wurm to attend this event.  She will check with the Regina RWC about funding availability and we will contribute money towards any expenses not covered. 

Action:  Louise to send announcement out to Local contacts about seminar. 

We Are All Affected Campaign

Locals were asked to talk individually to their members about the campaign and the attacks on our members`rights by the Conservative government and ask them to complete union cards showing their support and provide updated contact information for use by the PSAC.  Louise has been receiving signed cards back from the Locals and has been sending out more cards to some Locals.  She will be checking in at the end of the month to monitor their progess. 

A day of action for the FB Group will be taking place October 10th or 11th, in Regina, likey from 11amto 1pmat the airport.  Members in Saskatoonand labour affiliates are being encouraged to attend.  More information should be coming out soon from the regional office. 

December 6th Event

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women will take place on December 6, 2013.  More information about this event will be coming out shortly. 

Local groups will be asking City Hall to install a permanent memorial for this day in 2014 as it will mark the 25th anniversary of this tragic event. 

Shoebox Donation

More information on this cause will be coming out shortly.  The RWC participated last year and sent out boxes of donations to needy children.  We will once again be doing it this year and would welcome any volunteers. 

Open House

The RWC and Area Council will be holding an Open House on Thursday, December 5th at the Regional Office from 4-7pm. 

Action:  Send out invitation closer to the day to members and labour affiliates.  Louise and Martha will decorate the office.  Elena will order food and drink but may need help picking it up.  Nancy and others will help set up on the day. 

Financial Update

Statements are now delivered to the Regional Office and are packed away due to ongoing renovations that began in August.  No update at this time but will be done for next meeting.  

Kitchen Table conversations on Childcare

The annual Human Rights meeting for the Agriculture Union took place in June 2013 and there was a push to develop an action plan.  It was decided to focus on childcare.  Several other unions are also involved in this campaign and 4 questions have been set for focus groups to answer.  Anyone is welcome to participate in focus groups which should be between 4-6 people.  Report is due on October 15th by Nicole Wurm but this date may be pushed back to allow for more participation. 

Action: Nancyto forward information to RWC members who will then solicit interest from members in participating in focus groups.  A tentative date of Saturday, October 26th has been set for focus groups to take place. 


The SFL Convention will take place October 30-November 1st in Saskatoon.
The SFL Pension & Benefit course will be taking place the end of February 2014 in Reginaover 2.5 days. 

 PSAC Praire Region Convention

This convention will be taking place in Saskatoonat TCU PlaceJune 27-29, 2014.  A call-out for volunteers to be on the host committee will be coming out shortly.  Louise is chair of the committee and is interested in ideas to welcome out of town members.  The committee will start meeting in January 2014. 

Flood Relief Alberta

Nancy Johnson & Karen Zoller went to HighRiverand Calgaryin the summer to volunteer as needed as part of a larger PSAC contingent.  They helped serve food to needy residents in a local shelter and the following day they helped clean up their houses.  Photos are on the prairies website. 

It was agreed at this meeting that the RWC would reimburse hotel expenses for Nancy and Karen.  This will be done at the next meeting when receipts are submitted.