Saskatoon AC Mtg Minutes (August 22 2011)

Attended: Jackie Nettleton, AGR; Nancy Johnson, UTE; Louise Mardell; Rosemary Neufeld, AGR; Gary Cherneske, AGR; Nicole Wurm, AGR


August 22, 2011

PSAC Regional Office                                                                                                 # 5 – 511 1st Avenue North

Attended:  Jackie Nettleton, AGR;  Nancy Johnson, UTE; Louise Mardell; Rosemary Neufeld, AGR; Gary Cherneske, AGR;  Nicole Wurm, AGR.

Agriculture Component Convention – Gary presented review of the Agriculture Component Convention in Vancouver.                                                                        Labour Day BBQ – Labour Day BBQ to be held September 5 at Victoria Park.

Nancy, Gary, Nicole, Karen and Jackie volunteered to represent the PSAC and hand out balloons and Frisbees.Will get orange balloons in honour of the late Jack Layton.

Provincial Election                                                                                                    SFL call to action in Saskatoon, September 17th at the Heritage Inn, 10am-4pm. Topics covered: Labour rights in Saskatchewan, Education, Healthcare, and CLAC.:Heather or Louise to send out email.

Public Service Petition and Lobby Teams                                                                    All locals received petitions to be signed according to constituency.

Petitions to be distributed in the workplace and at the Labour Day BBQ.  Petitions due back to the PSAC office by September 25th.

Jackie to call locals to remind them about the petitions; perhaps entice them to complete the petitions with a prize such as a Co-op gift card.

United Way:  Locals to send Jackie a written description about what we do for the United Way.

Prairies on Patrol:  Prairies on Patrol local leadership meeting/forum October 19th in Saskatoon, and October 20th in Regina.

Prairies website to be changed to be more uniform in usage and appearance, and to make it easier for members to use the website.

Other:                                                                                                                     Workforce Adjustment training to come; booklets available.                                 Talking Union Basics course, September 10th in Saskatoon.                                     Stewards Advanced Training course, September 22nd for 4 days in Saskatoon.   National Aboriginal Conference in Yellowknife, September 30th.