Resources from the 2015 Prairies Health & Safety Conference

The 2015 Prairie Region Health & Safety Conference was held November 21-22, 2015 in Winnipeg with over 60 PSAC members in attendance from across the Prairies.

Members were treated to a rousing and informative keynote speech by Dr. Leigh Quesnel of HQS Consulting Services on the topic of “Towards a Healthy Workplace: Understanding Psychological Harassment and Bullying.” Dr. Quesnel specializes in such areas as workplace wellness, creating respectful workplaces, managing bullying and psycholgical harassment, and stress management, among others. Watch Dr. Quesnel’s speech (edited for time).

Over the course of two days, members participated in three workshops, including;

  • Representing Members with DI and WCB Concerns
  • Medical Privacy – What Info the Employer is Entitled to and When
  • Mental Health First Aid

 Workshop materials are available to download in PDF format below.

On Sunday afternoon, Bob Kingston, Agriculture National President, gave a presentation on violence prevention in the workplace. During his presentation, a key, standard setting, PSAC specific decision, was shared with the participants. This decision dealt with the question of what medical information an employer is entitled to. Read more about that decision.

You can also read more about PSAC’s “Stop Workplace Violence” national campaign, which aims to raise awareness about workplace violence and bullying in the workplace. The website includes concrete tools for workers and union leaders to identify and address workplace violence.