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Resolution - Traditional Format

Resolutions are discussed, debated and voted upon at both Regional & National PSAC Conferences and Regional & National PSAC Conventions. 

Goal of a good resolution: Resolutions should be aimed at strengthening and improving the Union's work on human rights and advancing our objectives.

Who can submit a resolution: All PSAC constitutionally recognized bodies and union structures (locals, area councils, regional committees) will be entitled to forward resolutions to the regional & national PSAC event accepting resolutions.

Important note: Resolutions should be accepted at a meeting of the recognized body with the motion noted in the minutes.  Prior to submitting a resolution to the Conference or Convention.  A copy of the minutes may be requested.

Helpful points to remember:

  • Please limit your resolution to a maximum of 150 words;
  • Resolutions can be submitted in either the traditional or clear language format (see attached examples of both formats). Do not submit a resolution in both formats - select one format per resolution;
  • Submitted resolutions should not include any special formatting such as boxes or drawings;
  • Respect the deadline date for submission of resolution as per the event's listing.

A Good Resolution...

  • uses clear simple wording;
  • is concise and focused - respects the word limit (150 words for the PSAC Convention);
  • deals with just one topic (problem) and has one major objective;
  • clearly identifies the problem;
  • specifically outlines the required action;
  • builds in accountability i.e., deadlines, who will be responsible for implementing the proposed action, what resources will be required;
  • ensures the action proposed is within the jursidication of the organization to implement;
  • isn't something that is constitutionally dealt with in another way (i.e., bargaining demands);
  • allows for flexibility in implementation - it's the end result that accounts;
  • is submitted on time (is not a late resolution);
  • isn't about something that is already enacted;
  • applies the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY and HOW test.
1 Start 2 Complete
Title that presents the resolution.

At a minimum one "WHEREAS" and "BE IT RESOLVED THAT" is required for a resolution.  There are 2 extra fields available if required.

Presents the topic or problem that resolution aims to address.
Further rationale may need to be provided to fully explain the issue of the resolution.
Final point made to explain the rationale of the resolution.
Proposed solution or outcome of the intended resolution, that addresses the need for it.
Any further points that resolution intends to meet by it's implementation.
Final proposed solution or outcome of the intended resolution, that addresses the need for it.

Resolution Credentials are required to submit a resolution. Ensure that the date of the meeting that passes the motion supporting the resolution, is before the deadline date to submit resolutions.

Originator of a resolution, is a PSAC constitutionally recognized bodies and union structures (i.e., locals, area councils, regional committees).
Note: Locals have 5 digits; in Alberta Locals start with "3----"; in Saskatchewan Locals start with "4----"; in Manitoba Locals start with "5----".
Geographical Name of the Area Council.
Name of Regional Committee including the geographical area and which type of committee - i.e., Human Rights; Indigenous Peoples; Women's; Young Workers.
Provide wording of motion used to pass or support the resolution submitted.
Meeting date that the resolution was adopted by a motion, of a PSAC constitutionally recognized body and union structure. (Month, Date, Year)
Provide full name.
For follow up purposes regarding resolution submitted.