Regional Women’s Committee Special Executive Meeting Minutes. March 08, 2021

In Attendance:

Josie Halbach UTE 30024, Co-Chair

Kirsten Strachey UTE 30024, Co-Chair

Alin Ibrahim UHEW 30704, Treasurer

Jennifer Jurca UCTE 30318, past President

Dolly Ablitt – Local PSAC Rep

1. The Meeting was called to order at 6:07

2. Old Business:

Paint Night: This was held on Monday, Feb 22. In general it was enjoyable, but we noted some pros and cons.

Pros: 7 women attended, 4 of which had never attended any union activities at all. It felt nice for women to be able to connect and led to a sense of community.

Cons: Advertising didn’t get out very effectively. RSVP’s came in last minute. Some people had cards and some had canvases. The cons of canvases are that they are hard to give out and it took longer to paint. It was felt that the timing of the painting was too fast and people felt rushed. The artist plugged other activities she had going on.

Next time: We would recommend more communication with the artist next time, to clarify expectations, including length of session, (We didn’t know how long it was going to be) and plugging other activities. It also would have been good to establish the colour of backgrounds etc so that could have been set up ahead of time. We would need to advertise better. Can we just give women space, rather than making it community outreach? Not sure how that works from a Union perspective, but it would be nice to consider it as a build up for us as leaders.

Note: We still owe the artist for this event. Issuing the cheque for this event is hung up with signing authority, and we need to get a cheque signed and sent off. Josie will contact the artist. Jenn will contact the bank to initiate the signing authority process. 

3. Special Business:

Regional Women’s Committee Financial Documents: Reviewed and discussed the 2020 transaction log and financial statement, and 2021 Budget request.

Kirsten moved to remove the IWD expenses from the 2021 Budget request, Josie seconded. All in favour.

Josie moved to approve the financials with the noted deletion. Alin seconded. All in favour.

Signing Authorities: The process to transfer of thefinancial signing authorities ran into a roadblock, in that Hazel wasn’t able to get in to the bank to complete the paperwork. Since the paperwork has not yet been completed, we still have the previous signatories in place.

In order to move forward, we either need Hazel to go in to sign the last piece of paper, or have the bank re-do the paperwork again with new names. We still require 2 signatures on cheques, but would like to keep 3 people available to accomplish those two signatures.

Jenn Jurca volunteered to fill the position of Secretary and signing authority until the next AGM or until Hazel is able to return. This was accepted unanimously by the Executive. Jenn will contact the bank about setting up the new paperwork.

International Women’s Day: March 8. We ultimately decided not to proceed with organizing an event. We had this Special Executive Meeting instead, so at least we could connect with each other.

Clothing Drive: This may or may not happen as planned. It depends on the pandemic as a lot of places aren’t taking clothes right now. We will see how it goes and if we are able to find a place to take them and if someone is able to spearhead.

PRC: Kirsten spoke to the Womens’ Representative from PRC. There was not a report for this quarter, but the convention is the biggest item right now. (Planned for June 25-27). There were 305 potential delegates and only 240 have registered. There were 30 locals who did not respond at all. PRC is looking at contacting these locals; The deadline for registration was just extended to March 31 for both delegates and observers.

AFL: is spearheading a Childcare committee. Trying to get private childcare facilities to come together for discussions in an initiative called Childcare Now. The discussions include such topics as: minimum wages, standards, and how the provincial governments distribute funding.

4. Roundtable:

Alin – Nothing to add

Jenn – I enjoyed the paint night, but found the pace was a little bit quick.

Kirsten – One of the big things out of the Members survey was that people didn’t know the committees existed, so if you have any ideas of how to get more people involved, reach out and let Kirsten or Marianne know.

Josie – Nothing to add

5. Meeting adjourned at 7:32