Regional Indigenous Peoples Circle (RIPC)Meeting Minutes(Sept 25, 2022)

15:00 hours Call to Order

In Attendance:

  • Prudence McKenzie – Chair
  • Kelsey Dreaver – Vice Chair
  • Janette Husak – member
  • Steven Whiteman – member
  • Vivian Merasty – member

Regret: Clarissa Danielson – Secretary; Brenda Walsh – Treasurer; Dave Beeds – Member; 

Welcome and round table introductions

Review of Agenda – No additions or deletions

            Kelsey (m), Vivian (s) – approved agenda

Chair report –  Donation of $65 was made the planning committee for the NIPD for grab bags with the leftover funds from RIPC’s budget – approved by Marianne. 

Moontime sisters is looking for support in their collection of feminine products for northern women – Prudence will be meeting with them to see how we can assist.

Medicine walk has been postponed due to weather; perhaps looking at an alternate event with the Bear family in Muskoday. 

Clarissa Danielson is unable to continue as the secretary but would still like to attend meetings and events as a member.  Steven Whiteman has offered to fill in for her until the AGM where we can elect a secretary.

Secretary – No report

Treasurer’s Report – No report

Roundtable:  PRC is holding resolution writing workshops if anyone is interested.

Next meeting:  No meeting set.

Adjourn  – 17:00 pm.