Prince Albert Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Minutes (Oct 22, 2019)

In Attendance:

  • Dave Beeds – Chair
  • Janette Husak – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Louise Mardell – PSAC Staff
  • Barb Tresserand
  • Brenda Walsh
  • Prudence McKenzie
  • Clarissa Danielson
  • Joyce Romanchuk
  • Trudy Lerat


No Elder present

Welcome and round table introductions

Review of Agenda – No additions or deletions

            Dave (m), Janette (s) – approved agenda

Harassment Statement – Read by Louise Mardell

Review of last meeting minutes

Minutes from September 18, 2019 have been reviewed and approved.

Chair report – No report

Secretary – No report

Treasurer’s Report –

  • Current Bank Balance is $1379.06  as of September 30, 2019
  • Motion made to reimburse Trudy Lerat $25 (2 hours) for the room rental.

Dave (m), Janette (s) – motion accepted

Election for Delegate to Prairies Convention – June 2020

  • Janette Husak was nominated by Prudence and seconded by Trudy
  • Dave Beeds was nominated by Joyce and seconded by Clarissa Danielson
  • Janette Husak was elected by consensus – delegate
  • Dave Beeds is the Alternate delegate

New Business – Committee would like to send in a proposal to Marianne to change a line item in the budget. Committee would like to change the line item so the committee can hold a Christmas dinner and Adopt a Family for Christmas.  Approximate budget $450 line item changed TUB course to Christmas Dinner/Adopt a Family.


  • Elder – $50 (cloth/tobacco)
  • Candy Bags $100
  • Christmas supper $100 (hot dogs/hamburgers/xmas oranges/pop and chips)
  • 2 – Christmas Hampers $100 each

Total – $450

            All in favour – approved

            Round Table

  • Dave – Janette and Dave will be attending the 2019 PRC Committee training on November 7&8, 2019 in Saskatoon
  • Joyce – suggested having a craft fair show casing Indigenous Arts at the Christmas Dinner that will be held at the Friendship Centre.
  • Other business
  • Janette – to send email to Marianne to change line item in Budget to hold a Christmas Dinner/Adopt a family
  • Trudy asked who can attend the RIPC meetings? Louise mentioned whoever identifies as Indigenous. Allies are also welcome.
  • Louise mentioned that the committee needs 3 or more people to attend the meeting in order to be in conformance.
  • Next meeting:
  • December 4, 2019 at ISC building from 12-1pm

Adjourn – 12:55 pm.