Regina Women’s Committee Minutes October 12, 2017

Meeting minutes for the RWC October 12, 2017 meeting.

OCTOBER 12, 2017 5:30 P.M.
2445 13TH AVENUE
Call to order: 5:35
In Attendance: Michelle Lang, Daniela Aubichon, Sandra Ahenakew
Regrets: Debbi Bernhardt: Martha Johnson.
Financial Report: as of September 30, 2017 the bank balance is $2,400.66
Minutes from last meeting August 2, 2017: Motion to approve Michelle, Seconded Sandra 
Old Business
• Women’s Self Defense:  Motion to pay $63 for gym rental Michelle Moved Sandra Seconded;
• Motion to donate $300 (Trainer fee) and $100 donation from participants (ten participants at $10 each) for a total of $400 to Sohia House. Moved by Michelle Seconded by Daniela
New Business
• Mothers Day walk
1. Sandra will draft a letter of invitation to guests and dignitaries for 2018 Mother’s Day Walk; send draft letter to Keith include PSAC Logo. Send letters to NDP, Sask Party, Regina City Police Chief, Mayor, FSIN Heather Bear
2. Create a News Release; send to CTV Nelson Bird and Creeson Agecoutay, Eagle Feather News, Prairie Dog and other media outlets.
• Adopt a Senior for Christmas: discuss around having a group of Union Activists visit Senior/Extended Care Home and sing Christmas Carols. Possibly provide a small gift 0r Goodie Bag.
ACTION ITEM: Michelle will contact Elmview Extended Care Home to see if they would be interested in having Carolers.
• Women’s shelter –Gifts for mothers; committee decided to pursue this agenda item in 2018.
• PSAC Open House is scheduled for December 9, 2017 at 5:30 at the PSAC Boardroom. We will be hosting a Pot Luck Dinner hosted by the PSAC Women’s Committee, PSAC Human Rights Committee and Area Council. 
• October 4 Sisters in Spirit vigil: Michelle, and Daniela attended the Feast at the First Nations University of Canada.
• MMIW Candle Light Vigil at the RCMP Dept was attended by Michelle Lang, Daniela Aubichon, Sandra Ahenakew, Tim Hubick and Martha Johnson.
Next meeting will be November 15, 2017 at 5:30 at the PSAC Office Boardroom.
Adjournment: 6:35.