Regina Women’s Committee Minutes November 25, 2020

Nov 25th,2020

Michelle Lang, Jessica Bonish, Daniela Aubichon, Tanya Campbell and Diane White

Meeting called to Order at 6:30 pm

Approval of agenda Jessica/ Tanya

Approval of minutes of last two meetings Jessica/ Daniela

Financial report $1636.03 in account

New Items

Adopt a family,  Background on the Organization we picked.

The Shirley Schneider Support Centre (SSSC) currently has 46 students registered – all of which are either pregnant or parenting.

Including enrolled students at the SSSC and our community outreach clients, the Young Parent Support Program currently serves 120 families, with a total of about 123 children. 

The program’s main goal is school support and school engagement in order to help support and empower young moms as they complete their high school education. We recognize the intersection of barriers that many of our young moms face, and so our role also entails providing support with housing, parenting and family planning, navigating social systems and financial assistance, safety planning and healthy relationships, essential needs (food + baby items), mental health and self-care, and so forth. 

Jessica will contact them tomorrow. Gift cards will be easiest since the Organization can just buy what they need to make the baskets for the Teen moms.

Gift card for Superstore since it’s unionized

Jessica makes a motion to donate a $300dollar superstore gift card to SSSC Young Parent program to buy supplies toward Christmas Hampers.   Jessica/Daniela

Jessica said the 16 days of Action were a good online event.

January 6th,2021 at 6:30 pm.