Regina RWC Minutes (June 18,2014)

Minutes from the Regina Regional Women’s Committee June 18, 2014


Women’s Committee Meeting – June 18, 2014

In Attendance:  Michelle Lang, Daniela Aubichon, Diane Allen

Meeting Called to Order @ 5:45 pm

Financials:  Get signing authority changed as soon as possible.

Looking into participating in the following activities: 

  • Take Back the Night (Michelle to look into this)

  • Kitchen Table Conversations

2 hour afternoon session

October 11, 2014

Regional Office

Diane to print copies for us to review

Make a poster and invite all unions

Contact SFL to distribute

  • Women’s self defence (Daniela to check into cost)

 Next meeting July 15, 2014at 5:30 pmSFL board room

 Meeting Adjourned @6:10 pm