Regina RWC Minutes (Feb 6 13)

In Attendance: Melissa Brandt, Secretary; Suzanne Huggins, Treasurer; Laura Ursu, L40022; Sandra Clarke, L40022; Antoinette Pelletier, L40005; Michelle Lang, L40005; Diane Allen, PSAC Representative; Deanna Getz, PSAC

Regina Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2013

In Attendance:                 

  • Melissa Brandt, Secretary                           

  • Suzanne Huggins, Treasurer

  • Laura Ursu, L40022                                          

  • Sandra Clarke, L40022

  • Antoinette Pelletier, L40005                     

  • Michelle Lang, L40005

  • Diane Allen, PSAC Representative         

  • Deanna Getz, PSAC

The meeting convened at 5:40 p.m.

Election of Chair and Co-Chair:

Sister Diane called for nominations for the position of Chair.  Laura Ursu nominated by Sandra Clarke, seconded by Melissa Brandt.  No further nominations received.  Sister Laura acclaimed Chair.

Sister Diane called for nominations for the position of Co-chair.  Michelle Lang nominated by Antoinette Pelletier, seconded by Sandra Clarke.  No further nomination received.  Sister Michelle acclaimed Co-chair.

Sister Diane administered the oath of office.


 Sister Melissa advised those in attendance the RWC still owes $534.00 to Area Council.  She explained $500.00 is for the Community Helping Hands Project and the $34.00 is for half the cost of the wreath placed during the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph. 

Sister Suzanne reported the year end bank balance was $5,532.64.  A discussion took place on arrangements for completing the year-end audit which will be required prior to the AGM.  Sister Melissa advised she would forward the Prairie Region Committee Reporting Procedures recently received from Sister Marianne Hladun to Sister Suzanne.

 There was discussion on the contents of the 2013 budget.  It was agreed the budget will include provision for $2000.00 to hold a women’s workshop similar to the one held in 2009.

 A stale-dated cheque for the 2011 Unions of Regina Christmas dinner was located in the office by Sister Deanna.  The cheque was passed to Sister Laura who will contact the local to have the cheque reissued.

 Other Business:

 Sister Allen provided details for an upcoming conference call about the Regional Women’s Conference.  The Conference will take place in Banff.  Sister Ursu will participate on the call.

 A discussion related to past activities undertaken by the RWC and ideas for future meetings was held.

 Next meeting will be the AGMto be held on March 7. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.