Regina RWC Meeting Minutes (June 19, 2019)

Regina Woman’s Committee – June 19, 2019 Minutes – Regina PSAC Boardroom

Regina Woman’s Committee – June 19, 2019 Minutes – Regina PSAC Boardroom
In attendance: DCL 40005: Michelle L., Dani F., USJE 40008: Mandi W., SEIU: Charito H., 

Meeting called to order @ 17:35
Acknowledgement of being on Treaty 4 Land
Round Table: Nothing to Report
Old Business:

The packs of women’s personal hygiene kits are almost complete and now we are looking where to donate them to. Mandi is going to speak to her neighbor as she has a connection to a bus that drives around on the weekends.
New Business:

Women’s Conference is coming up September 6 – 9 and we are the host for it so we have to start thinking about that.
Triennial is in Regina (June 12-14, 2020) and we need to think about delegates. We need to have four meetings in to send a delegate. Minutes need to be submitted for those four meetings in order to have a delegate therefore we will be meeting throughout the summer to fulfill those 4 meetings.
Michelle to send out a meeting request for July sometime.

Meeting Adjourned @ 17:55