Regina RWC AGM Minutes (Mar 7 2013)

In Attendance: Laura Ursu, Chair; Michelle Lang, Vice-Chair; Melissa Brandt, Secretary; Sandra Clarke, L40022; Antoinette Pelletier, L40005 (Casino); Kim Reinson, L40811; Debbie Bernhardt, L40022; Diane Allen, PSAC Representative

Regina Regional Women’s Committee AGM Minutes

March 7, 2013  

In Attendance:                 

  •   Laura Ursu, Chair                                             

  • Michelle Lang, Vice-Chair

  • Melissa Brandt, Secretary  

  • Sandra Clarke, L40022 

  •  Antoinette Pelletier, L40005 (Casino) 

  •   Kim Reinson, L40811 

  •   Debbie Bernhardt, L40022 

  •   Diane Allen, PSAC Representative

The meeting convened at 5:50 p.m.with round table introductions.

Adoption of Agenda and 2012 Meeting Minutes:

M/S/C   Michelle/Kim                    To adopt the agenda as presented.

A review of the April 4, 2012annual general meeting minutes was completed.

M/S/C   Debbie/Antoinette        Adoption of the 2012 annual general meeting minutes.

Financial Review and 2013 Budget:

Sister Laura explained the financial records were not received from the former treasurer.  Sisters Laura and Diane will contact the REVP to obtain a deadline for submission of the financial review and 2013 budget.  Sister Laura indicated steps have been initiated to obtain the financial records from Sister Suzanne.

Content of the 2013 budget was discussed.  It is anticipated the budget will be similar to what was submitted for 2012.

Sister Laura reported the stale-dated cheque from Local 21 will be replaced by the local.

M/S/C   Kim/Antoinette                               To pay dinner expenses in the amount of $29.23.

Sister Melissa reported there had been discussion about switching to a different bank due to increasing bank charges however no decision was made.  This issue will be followed up on by the new officers once all are in place.

There was discussion about who should be signing officers for the committee.  It was agreed the signing officers will be the Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer.  It was confirmed the former Chair (Sister Connie Gress) and the former Treasurer (Sister Suzanne Huggins) will be removed as signing officers.

There will be a special meeting on April 9 at 5:30for the purpose of approving the financial statements and 2013 budget.  A notice will be sent out through the PSAC Regional Office.


Sister Allen explained that due to the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair having been filled through election at the meeting held February 6, 2013 elections were only required for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer.  She then declared nominations open.  Sister Kim Reinson acclaimed Treasurer; Sister Antoinette acclaimed Secretary.  Sister Diane administered the oath of office.

PSAC Prairies Regional Women’s Conference:

The Conference will be held from May 3-5 in Banffwith the deadline for applications tomorrow (March 8).  Several Sisters in attendance have submitted applications through their local as the locals have agreed to cover the $100 non-refundable registration fee.

 M/S/C   Debbie/Michelle             That the RWC cover the registration fee to the PSAC Prairies Regional Women’s conference for both Sister Kim and Sister Melissa.

The Conference will include the opportunity to debate resolutions proposed to go to the National Women’s Conference.  Sister Melissa indicated the Committee has submitted resolutions in the past addressing coverage under the travel directive for child care expenses; and for creating a national child care policy.  There was interest expressed in resubmitting both resolutions.  Sister Melissa agreed to approach Sister Connie to ask if she still has the language in Word format.  Other suggested topics for resolutions included development of a policy on domestic abuse and expansion of the provisions for family-related leave and the definition of family.

2013 Projects:

There was discussion about potential projects for 2013.  It was agreed no decisions will be made until the 2013 budget has been prepared.  Suggestions included: 

  • Childcare forum

  • Job fair for women (potential partnership with WITT – Women in Trades & Technology)

  • Domestic violence advocacy

  • The sandwich generation (work/life balance)

  • Movie/popcorn night which could include:

  • 1 of the 1% – Sandra Ahenakew’s story

  • A Struggle to Remember:  Fighting for our Families

The next meeting will be held on March 26th @ 5:30 pm    with a potluck meal.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.