Regina Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (May 27, 2020)

Call to order: 7:33pm

Anti-Harassment Statement: Sandra Ahenakew, Diane White to be the contact

Land Acknowledgement: Sandra Ahenakew

Roll Call: Daniella Aubichon, Michelle Lang, Charito Humphreys, Sandra Ahenakew, Diane White, Tim Hubick

Motion to Approve Agenda: Moved by Sandra, 2nd by Daniella

Financial Report: Daniella – current balance $601.29 – no change from previous balance

Old Business: Previously planned events have been cancelled. Waiting on Moose Jaw Pride to see if Regina Pride will be in September. No definite details have been released yet.

New Business:

  • National Indigenous Peoples Day – Sandra would like to promote APTN will be broadcasting virtual events. Sandra has committed to providing a list of events to Tim and the Regional Office to be distributed to members via email.
  • Michelle is working with the SFL’s Persons with Disability Committee. She will advise HRC of any upcoming events.
  • Tim suggested a virtual ally training with someone in the committee representing each equity group and how it affects us now. Sandra suggested focusing on mental health and Covid-19 specific. Sandra will contact Daniel for availability.
  • Will provide dates (potentially September) next meeting and who the allies will be.

Terms of Reference: No formal terms as of yet. Tim sent out a tentative ToR. ToR will be tabled until next meeting so people can review and provide comments.

Next meeting date: Wednesday June 17, 2020 7:30pm CST

Action Items for next meeting:

  • Sandra will send a list of events around National Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Everyone brainstorm ideas for people in the region to speak at the Ally Training.

Round Table:

  • Diane wanted to promote webinars for the Prairie Region. Have been very successful so far.
  • Charito will do a report at next meeting on the PSAC Education in Action Project.

Motion to Adjourn:  Michelle