Regina HRC Minutes – Jun 5 2013

In Attendance: Satinder Bains; Richard Dolinski; Janette Husack – Chair; Sandra Ahenakew; Michael Schell – Vice-Chair; Diane Allen – PSAC Regional Rep; Barham Thiam – Treasurer

Minutes from June 5, 2013  South SK Human Rights Meeting

Regina South SK Human Rights Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2013
e 5, 2013

 Minutes   Minn

Meeting called to order @ 6:22 pm

In Attendance:

  • Satinder Bains

  • Richard Dolinski

  • Janette  Husack – Chair

  • Sandra Ahenakew

  • Michael Schell – Vice-Chair

  • Diane Allen – PSAC Regional Rep

  • Barham Thiam – Treasurer


  • Alex George – Secretary

Welcome and round table introductions

Approval of last meetings minutes from April 10, 2013

  • Satinder moved to accept minutes as is

  • Barham seconded

Treasurer’s Report

  • Current Bank Balance is $3,528.17

  • Cheque for $130.00 from AGM

  • Bryan Thomson presented Hotel Receipt from PSAC Conference in 2010 for reimbursement $391.50

  • Burham Thiam is the new Treasurer – we have to do the changeover of signing at the bank.

ACTION ITEM: Michael will take the AGM minutes to the bank and ask if the entire executive have to come in and sign the forms. (Do those who already having signing authority have to go in and resign?)

Tools for Schools:

Michael:  Human Rights, Area Council and the Regional Women’s Committee – each committee will donate $250.00 for Tools for Schools. It was discussed at the Area Council meeting that each committee identify a community organization that they want to donate the money to.

Area Council organization suggestions:

  • Salvation Army

  • Regina Rescue Mission

  • Carmichael

South SK Human Rights Committee suggestions;

  • Sophia House

  • Open Door Society

  • Rainbow Youth Centre

Michael Schell made a motion to donate $250.00 for Tools for Schools – Barham Thiam seconded

 ACTION ITEM:       

Janette:   We will send the names of the three organizations (Sophia House, Open Door Society & Rainbow Youth Centre) to Laura Ursu & Melissa Brandt from the Regional Women’s Committee.

 Diane:   I suggest we get information from the 3 organizations to assist in the decision make. 

National Aboriginal Day:

Janette:   We don’t have enough time this year to plan anything.  We will have to plan something for the 2014 NAD celebrations. 

Other Business:        

Michael:           Regina Queen City Pride celebrations happening June 17 -23, 2013

                        Discussion around placing an ad in the Leader Post Pride insert.

                        It was decided NOT to place the ad but to donate or sponsor to the event instead.

Richard made a motion to support the Pride activities with a donation up to $160.00.  Satinder seconded

Michael will cover the cost and bring in the receipts for reimbursement up to $160.00.

Diane:     The Pride Parade route is changed this year. Activities will be happening in Victoria Park.


Michael will send the Pride week activities to Deanna Getz to send out.

Satinder suggested that PSAC HR Committee set up a Kiosk in Victoria Park displaying PSAC banner and hand out PSAC merchandice (Stickers, balloons ect,)

Diane:     Keep in mind that you can put a budget item for Pride week activites in next yesrs budget.

Janette:   Next meeting is September 18, 2013.  We will pass of the Treasurer duties at this meeting.

– Think about what we want to do for Christmas and we will discuss at our next meeting. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 P.M.

Meeting minutes taken by Sandra Ahenakew for Alex George