Regina Area Council Minutes November 29, 2016

Meeting minutes for November 29, 2016

Regina Area Council
Meeting Minutes
November 29, 2016

Present:    Melissa Brandt – Chair                Brett Pollard – Vice-Chair
                 Tim Hubick, Treasurer                 Satinder Bains, PRC Representative
                 Taylor Lougheed, L4A008

Regrets:    Larry Skibicki – Secretary 

1.    The meeting commenced at 5:36 p.m.

2.    M/S/C        Tim/Brett

That the meeting agenda be adopted as circulated.

3.    M/S/C        Satinder/Tim

That the September 28, 2016 meeting minutes be adopted.

4.    M/S/C        Brett/Tim

That the November 1, 2016 meeting minutes be adopted.

5.    Tim reported that effective October 31, 2016 the bank balance was $1,246.86.  Update to the signing officers for the bank account has been completed.  The 2016 budget included provision for a donation in the amount of $100.00 to the Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner.  Tim will prepare the cheque when the office reopens and notify Melissa once it is ready so she can pickup and deliver it to the RDLC office.

6.    A discussion about the proposal to hold an open-house for the PSAC’s 50th anniversary took place.  There were concerns about the timing of the event as it is only a week before Christmas and there are already two other events scheduled for December.  Agreed to advise the Regina Regional Office that Area Council is interested in participating but would prefer to see something planned for early in 2017.

7.    Prairie Region Convention:

a.    Tim confirmed he has completed his online delegate registration;
b.    Resolutions:
i.    M/S/C        Tim/Brett        To adopt Resolution 1 (attached)
ii.    M/S/C        Satinder/Brett        To adopt Resolution 2 (attached)
iii.    M/S/C        Tim/Satinder        To adopt Resolution 3 (attached)
The meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

Next meeting:  January 10, 2017