Regina Area Council Meeting Minutes (June 20 2019)

Regina PSAC Boardroom
In Attendance: 
DCL 40005: Michelle L., Dani A (via phone)
USJE 40008: Mandi W., Jaymie D.
USJE 40002: Satiner B., Tim H.
CEIU: Chris S., Jessica B., Charito H.
Meeting Called to Order @ 17:35 
Treaty Four acknowledgement 
Round Table/Old Business: 
• Chris S – asked if signing authorities have been changed. Michelle informed that no they haven’t. Chris stated that the bank statements are all status quo.
• Mandi reported on the lobbying of MP Ralph Goodale’s office to be somewhat unsuccessful. There were approx. 8 of us there from different locals. Marianne spoke to the office employees and demanded we see or speak to Mr. Goodale to which we were turned down. We ended up taking a picture out front of his office holding our “Burnt By Phoenix” banner.
• It was reported that Chris G., bent the ear of MP Ralph Goodale at the Pride Parade that just took place the weekend prior. He spoke to him for about 15-20 minutes. No report on what was talked about.
• Satinder offered to let us know when there is another committee event in his area as Mr. Goodale attends them regularly.
• Phoenix Rally on 11th and Lewvan went well even considering the weather conditions. There were quite a few people out and we walked all four corners of the intersection with our signs and umbrellas.
• The question was asked about someone collecting stories of people burnt by Phoenix. We need to figure out a forum in which to display them for people to see.
• Satinder brought up getting in touch with the Community News that everyone in the city gets. Mandi said she would be in touch with them and report back next meeting.
New Business: 
• Labour Day Picnic is Sept. 2 from 12-3. We will be setting up a booth at it this year and will be sure to be in good standing with our meetings by then so we can ask for financial help to pay for some giveaways. We usually have rulers, balloons, whistles but we want to give out more this year.
• Proposed meetings in July and August to get us to good standing.
• Jessica mentioned that she would like the focus going forward on the Federal Election October 21, 2019.
• Chris – CEIU Local has money set aside for political action. They are looking to spend it on Young Workers as they have a huge influx of young people in their Local. They are looking at possibly having a “Get Out the Vote – Town Hall” type of event. They are asking if our Area Council would help out with their causes? It was also suggested that PSAC put together a Young Worker’s Program as well.
• Satinder brought up the 2020 Convention June 12-14, 2020 in Regina. $150 registration fee. One delegate for every 215 members in good standing. December 2 – Convention Call Out
• Chris – He read in the bylaws that we are supposed to be promoting affiliation with Labour Councils. He suggested an email be sent out to the Local Presidents to see where they stand on issues and include a pitch for Young Workers. He asked if Michelle can ask the Labour Council at the next meeting.
Next Meeting scheduled for 2019-07-24 @ 1730 in the Regina PSAC Boardroom. 
Meeting Adjourned @ 1815.