Regina Area Council Minutes – January 31, 2018

Meeting minutes for the Regina Area Council’s January 31, 2018 meeting

Area Council Meeting
January 31, 2018
5:30 pm
In Attendance:
Michelle Lang
Melissa Brandt
Satinder Bains
Daniela Aubichon
Brett Pollard
Jenelle Whitrow
Call to Order:  5:30
Guests:  Street Culture Project:  Jade, Mike
Presentation of the Street Culture Project:
• They run programs for at risk youth
• Teach Life Skills and basic development
• Mentorship
• Housing program
• Emergency shelter
• Finding fundraisers
• Day programs
• Kids club
• Bag lunch program
• Sober living
• Employability program
• For hire initiatives
Approval of amended agenda: Brett/Satinder
PRC Report:
February 8-11 asked for Agenda items or issues to bring forward.  None were presented
We are to be lobbying MP’s and rally.  We need to become more visible.  Be aware of the deadline for over payments.  Webinars coming up.  Look at the Prairie Region Website on how to become a phoenix advisor.
Adjourn:  6:15 pm