Regina Area Council AGM Minutes (March 8, 2019)

Meeting minutes for March 8, 2019 AGM

March 8, 2019
Regina PSAC Boardroom
In Attendance:
DCL 40005:  Michelle L, Brett P, Nathan B, Ray S, Dani A
USJE:  Mandi W, Tim H, Fred S, Satinder B, Sylvie B
CEIU:  Jessica B, Chris S, Chris G
UNE: Sandra A, Melissa B
AGR: Robinson C
CIU:  Brea L
Regional Rep:  Martha J
Meeting Called to Order:  5:35 pm
Harassment Statement:  Nathan B
Motion to adopt Agenda:  Michelle L/Chris G – Passed
Motion to adopt last AGM minutes:  Tim H/Mandi W – Passed
Martha explained the procedure and who all has voting rights.
Dani A was selected at the RWC AGM to have a vote at this AGM
Brett P was selected at the RHR AGM to have a vote at this AGM
Each local receives two votes.  Everyone in attendance gets a vote except it was agreed upon by CEIU to have Chris G and Jessica B have their local’s votes.
Chair Person: 

Brett P nominated Michelle L.  Was seconded by Sandra A.

Chris G. nominated Chris S.  Was seconded by Jessica B.
Each candidate spoke for two minutes.
Michelle L. elected as Chair Person.
Vice Chair:  Satinder nominated Chris S.  Was seconded by Chris G.
Chris S was acclaimed
Secretary:  Michelle L nominated Mandi W.  Was seconded by Tim H
        Satinder B nominated Brett P.  Was seconded by Dani A
Each candidate spoke for two minutes.
Mandi W. elected as Secretary.
Treasurer:   Jessica B nominated Dani A.  Was seconded by Mandi W
         Michelle L nominated Tim H.  Was seconded by Brett P
         Satinder B nominated Melissa B.  Was seconded by Chris G
Melissa B was dropped from the ballot
Treasurer election continued to second ballot – Tied
Treasurer election continued to third ballot – Tied
Dani A withdrew her name.
Tim H elected as Treasurer.
Signing Authority will need to be changed at the bank.
The following will have authority:
Michelle Lang – Chair Person
Chris Strain – Co-Chair
Tim Hubick – Treasurer
Old Business:
Phoenix/National Bargaining:
• Lobby Ralph Goodale
• Talk to the opposition
• Lobby all governments
• CLC just had a national lobby day on February 26, 2019
• March 12, 2019 All Day Regional Strategy Planning – 1 member from each local
• More action is needed
• Getting ideas and snipets of what members have gone through:  IE:  A day in the life of Phoenix.  Delayed retirement, back pay not paid out, maternity leave, no acting, T4’s incorrect, unable to deposit to RSP, people not applying to Federal Public

Service Jobs.  

• Social Media
• Write Letters to the editor
• Burnt by Phoenix Page on Facebook
• Get stories emailed to the Regional Office.
Tim H requested the same as 2018.
Discussion on the budget.
Motioned to increase Political Action to 1500 and Unions of Regina to 450.  Chris G/Brett P – Passed.
Michelle L gave her Chair report on last year’s activities.
Michelle moved her report and Brett P seconded – Passed
Treasurer’s Report:
747.13 balance as of December 31, 2018.  
One cheque was cashed to DCL Local 40005 to reimburse for Labour Day activities.
Tim H moved his report seconded by Chris G, – Passed
Michelle will send out doodle poll for next dates.
Motion to Adjourn 7:00 pm – Brett P