Regina and Area Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes – November 23, 2022

Lorna Rushfeldt, Michelle Lang, Jessica Bonish, Amy Stoik, Chauncey Lansbury, Heather Facette, Kelly MacDonald, Tanya Campbell, Wendy Koenig, Daniela Furkert, Brea Baresinkoff and Diane White (PSAC Rep)

Meeting Called to order at 17:33

Land Acknowledgement read by Michelle Lang

Round Table of Introductions

Approval of Minutes of last meeting Lorna/ Heather

WE have $1336.03 dollars in our account as of October 31, 2022

Approval of Treasurers report Dani/ Lorna

Round table on The Women’s conference in Calgary was positive and some suggestions on how to make things better for next conference . Feelings was that this was needed for people to fill their cup to keep fighting the fight. Reiterated how important scent policy is and how it affects people and their health. Suggestion to maybe provide scent free products to participants. Someone suggested Hybrid versions of conferences as not to leave people out that are immunocompromised. Diane addressed some of the issues brought up by members. Host Committee could provide a basket with scent free products.

  1. Feb 12, 2023, Canadian Sexual and Reproductive health day – talking about abortion rights
  2. July 24th, 2023, International Self Care Day
  3. Sept 3rd, 2023, Take back the Night Day-possibility Street dance

Motion to donate $ 100 in feminine products to Dories House in Swift Current. Michelle / Jessica

Brea will pick up products and leave them with Chauncey to present to Dories house since she has contacts with the organization. Was suggested to zoom in a couple members from the Southeast part of our committee when the products are being dropped off at Dories house.

 Also talked about that trying to spread out the days in all locations around southern part of Saskatchewan not just Regina. These are 3 days the RWC picked at the conference to use as priorities

Lorna has enough product to do 20 kits to donate to Southeast Regional Victim Services (pair of underwear, toothpaste, conditioner, shampoo, bodywash, feminine products)

New Business

Kitchen Table conversations – zoom call we will have a topic starter and then free flow for the conversation

Possible Date: Michelle will send out a doodle poll for a few possible day

Round Table

Meeting adjourned at 18:56