Regina AC Minutes (Jun 2012)

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Regina and District Area Council

Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2012


In Attendance:  Melissa Brandt, Chair                                     Bruce Cook, Vice-Chair

Allan Saacary, Secretary                                                 Richard Dolinski, Treasurer

Satindar Bains, L4A008                                                 Dan Grunert, L40721

Connie Gress, RWC Chair                                             Suzanne Huggins, L40064

Ed Janis, APSAR                                                          Lisa Garnier, PSAC Representative

Marianne Hlaudun, REVP


The meeting commenced at 5:10 p.m.

May Meeting Minutes:

The minutes of the May 15 meeting were reviewed.  No revisions noted.

M/S/C   Bruce/Connie    That the minutes be adopted as presented.


Brother Richard reported the paperwork to initiate change-over of the signing officers has been initiated at the bank.  Both Sister Melissa and Brother Bruce need to go to Conexus and sign the papers.  The audited financial statements have been forwarded to the REVP’s office.

Community Helping Hands Project:

A joint letter under signature of all three committee chairs has been prepared and sent to locals asking for donation of school supplies.  Supplies will be sorted at the Regional Office on August 28 following which Kreuzer House contacted will be contacted to pick up the supplies donated.  Each committee will again be contributing $500.00 to assist with purchasing clothing for students in need.

Alternate NPSW:

Sister Lisa advised the barbecue was extremely successful.  M & M Meats were very good to work with.  It is estimated 400 were served.  If a similar event is done next year we should consider adding ice cream.  Promoting earlier would also help with getting members to attend.  The City of Reginadid not charge for the event permit.  Total cost was $908.00.

REVP Update:

Nominations for the Alternate REVP election should be done by July 7.  The ballots for election will be sent out in September.  The Prairie Health & Safety Conference takes place from November 17 to 19 with 50 to 60 participants.  The Conference will be held in Edmonton.  Location for the 2014 Prairie Region Convention will be finalized by the end of July.  PRC will hold their next meeting in Reginain late September or early October.

The meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.