Public consultations on the federal budget

A series of public consultations organized by the New Democratic Party will give Canadians a voice on the changes that will come with the adoption of the government’s omnibus budget implementation bill, C-38. There is currently only one meeting scheduled within the Prairie Region:

Regina Inn, 1975 South Broad St.
Tuesday, May 22 – 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

According to the NDP, the Conservative Budget Implementation Act 2012 is a “trojan horse” bill sneaking in hundreds of pages of harmful new measures that:

  • gut environmental protection;
  • threaten fisheries and other resources;
  • cut public pensions and job standards;
  • reduce democratic accountability; and
  • undermine public health care.

You can read more about this massive 425-page bill and speak out about the budget on the NDP’s new Budget 2012 website.