PSAC’s Submissions on Bill 28 & 29

PSAC is actively working with other unions in Manitoba. Our priority is to ensure that members continue to be represented and that we stand in solidarity with other unions. On May 8, PSAC Prairies Regional Executive Vice-President Marianne Hladun presented to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba Standing Committee on Legislative Affairs regarding Bill 29: The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act.

We have seen in other jurisdictions where representation votes are time consuming, costly and divisive. There is no need for this process to be conducted in Manitoba. While we do not agree that bargaining unit restructure is necessary to ensure quality patient care, we have participated with other health care unions in Manitoba to come to the table prepared to work with government and have presented an alternative solution to meet their concerns.

That same day, we also made a submission to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba Standing Committee on Social and Economic Development regarding Bill 28: The Public Services Sustainability Act. Bill 28 will impact over 1,000 PSAC members and we called on the provincial government to withdraw the legislation and respect union members’ constitutionally protected right to collective bargaining.  

Both submissions have been attached below.