PSAC Signs Service Agreement with University of Alberta Graduate Student’s Association

The Public Service Alliance of Canada Prairie Region welcomes the opportunity to support Academically Employed graduate students, members of University of Alberta Graduate Students’ Association through a recently signed service agreement. 

 “PSAC has a proven track record of supporting workers in the academic sector and we are happy to be assisting with the work of the University of Alberta Graduate Student Association,” said Marianne Hladun, Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC Prairies. “PSAC believes all workers should have the strength and support of a union and we welcome the opportunity to enrich the services provided to the GSA members.”

Through this service agreement PSAC expands their invaluable work with graduate student associations and unions from across Canada, including the University of Calgary and the University of Lethbridge. The service agreement with the University of Alberta GSA will be strengthened by the expertise and additional resources PSAC will be able to provide, to support and amplify graduate student workers’ rights and protections on campus.  

‘PSAC is one of the largest and most experienced labour unions across Canada, with an expanding interest in Academically Employed Graduate Students’ rights. The University of Alberta Graduate Student’s’ Association is excited to enter into a service agreement with them,’ said the University of Alberta GSA Labour Relations Committee. ‘PSAC has gone above and beyond in supporting our membership to address our specific needs and the political context of our organizing efforts. We are looking forward to mobilizing for change and fighting for Academically-Employed Graduate Students’ rights in the challenging and complex labour landscape in Alberta with PSAC for support.’