PSAC represents at Canadian Gay Curling Championships

The PSAC Prairie Region and USGE were proud to be an official sponsor of the Canadian Gay Curling Championships held in Winnipeg on Feb 12-14th.

Frank Janz, Regional Vice-President with the Union of Solicitor General Employees and Alternate REVP Prairies, brought greetings on behalf of the PSAC and USGE.

“The PSAC is committed to recognizing and celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and  the transsexual communities,” said Janz. “We have committed to fighting for equality at the bargaining table for all of our members.  Our union was one of the first who achieved equality for same-sex couples in terms of pension benefits, health care plans and marriage leave.”

Janz noted that PSAC is fighting in this round of bargaining to have “gender identify and expressions” included in their no discrimination clause.

“The PSAC and USGE firmly believe that achievements made in our collective agreements and in our workplaces for our members can positively affect all Canadians in their personal and working lives,” he said.