PSAC members participate in Idle No More activities

The Idle No More movement continues to gain momentum, with events held across the country on a regular basis, consistent coverage from major media outlets, and growing support from the public. In Saskatchewan, PSAC members united with activists from other unions and community groups to participate in Idle No More rallies and marches.

On December 21, members of the Regina Human Rights Committee were among the hundreds who attended the rally in Regina. The event started at 5th Avenue with a round dance and prayer before parade-goers marched more than three kilometers to the Regina Legislative Building to continue the festivities.

“The movement seems very strong, and the public was very supportive and interested,” said Deanna Getz, PSAC Regina Administrative Assistant, after attending the rally. “It seems to be picking up a lot of speed. Every time you see it, it gets bigger.”

That same day, Paul Daigneault, Secretary for the Northern Saskatchewan Regional Aboriginal Peoples’ Circle (RAPC), attended the round dance and protest in Prince Albert.

“The whole issue is bigger than it seems,” explained Daigneault. “It's actually about Canada: the land, water and future generations. These are very much concerns for me.”

Protestors marched to the office of Randy Hoback, Conservative MP for Prince Albert, before gathering at City Hall. Hundreds of people participated in the peaceful demonstration.

“The organizers are doing it right, in the sense that they're utilizing the elders and making sure that the ceremony comes before the event. The round dance is very sacred, and they didn’t use it as just a demonstration, it was an actual ceremony.”

RAPC aims to create awareness of and representation for all Aboriginal issues in Northern Saskatchewan. Next, the Committee plans to get more involved in Idle No More activities, and hopes to plan an action to help spread the word.

Additionally, the video below includes a compilation of events and round dances that have happened in Winnipeg over the last month and demonstrates how the community, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, have gathered to participate and show solidarity. The video is produced by Doug Thomas and Crystal Greene, local videographers/photographers documenting the Idle No More movement in Winnipeg.

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