PSAC Calgary Regional Women’s Committee General Meeting Minutes (Nov 18, 2021)

PSAC Calgary Regional Women’s Committee – General Meeting Minutes – Nov 18, 2021

In Attendance:

Josie Halbach UTE 30024, Co-Chair

Kirsten Strachey UTE 30024, Co-Chair

Jennifer Jurca UCTE 30318, Secretary

Alin Ibrahim UHEW 30704, Treasurer

Amanda Wakeford UCTE 30301

Melinda Goller UTE 30024

Regrets – Dolly Ablitt, Regional Representative

The Meeting was called to order at 6:18 due to technical difficulties.

1. Agenda Accepted: Jenn moves, Josie seconds.

Agenda then later amended to add items to old Business to review outstanding Financial Commitments.

2. Minutes discussed and approved by consensus.

Discussed the plan for the new, more stream-lined minutes’ approval process which consists of sending them to the people who attended and vote to approve, via email, rather than waiting for the next meeting to vote. Kirsten to confirm with Dolly.

3. Old Business:

Financial Report: As of the Sept statement we have 563.12

Clothing Drive for MOM’s Canada: We did this clothing drive and asked people to donate, but unfortunately, there is no way to track these donations. Unfortunately, didn’t get our poster out; however, there were at least 7 trucks full of clothes, just as a result of word of mouth!!!

Awo Taan Toiletry drive: We had secured funding from PSAC who was going to match donations up to $1000 for the Personal Hygiene item donations for Awo Taan. If Members purchase items to donate and provide a copy of the receipt, then our committee would match it with a donation of items or with funds. However, after multiple contacts, we did not hear back from them. This initiative is currently on hold.

PSAC Regional Triennial Convention: Alin attended. There were 3 resolutions that we championed. GEN-003A – Increase Employment Insurance Provisions for Maternity and Parental Leave, – Carried. GEN-002 – Union Representation of Early Learning and Care Providers in Canada, – Committee had recommended concurrence, but didn’t come to the floor, but because it did have concurrence, it will go forward to the Prairie Regional Council for action.

GEN-004 – Sex Work is Real (Union) Work. – This had a recommendation of non-concurrence, and didn’t hit the floor. It has been tried many times before, all with no results, so we will need to develop an alternate strategy for going forward.

Financial Reporting Package – We are in good standing, but we have a few action items.

  • We need to confirm if all of the signatories got sorted and then send an email.
  • There was a deposit of $5.25 but there was no description, so please remember to include descriptions, and
  • Edit the minutes from Jan 18, 2021 to indicate it was an AGM (not a general meeting) and then re-submit for posting.

Bank Signing Authorities – all three signing authorities have now been into the bank. So this is now resolved.

Outstanding Financial Commitments – We finally paid the artist from the paint night, MJ Stead. Alin and Jenn met at the bank, signed the cheque and Jenn mailed it.

Jenn to reach out to her and confirm she received it.

4. New Business:

a) Christmas Cards for those who need them: Since we can’t get together the way we usually like to, we discussed getting together in some small groups to write some Christmas cards for Seniors and those others who have been shut away in isolation and could use some cheer. Looking at Saturday December 11 in the afternoon at a few different locations, with a zoom to connect everyone; wear a Christmas outfit. Josie will make a list with addresses and a few suggested wordings so people can participate even if they aren’t able to be there in person.

b) Fun Night: Discussed planning to get together sometime early in the new year, just so we can be together and to support each other. We really want to develop some deeper relationships and get to know each other. The hope is that this will keep us all invigorated so we can continue with our activism.

b) Ally Night: There are other RWC committees in our Region who welcome members who don’t identify as women to join and participate. These guests are not allowed to participate in any of the regular business, but would be welcome to join us to socialize, or we could work together on a project. Jenn mentioned that the Area Council had discussed joining forces with RWC in the past for the moose-hide campaign. Kirsten to reach out to Kathy at the HRC about getting together.

c) Book Club: Another idea for a way to get together would be a book club. Or something similar, like a movie or series we could watch and then discuss. The goal being to foster some discussion, relationships and interaction.

d) IWD:  We usually take part in this event on March 8. We will find out what they need and then Committee members can keep our eyes open if there are deals around (or after) the holidays thereby saving money on items we know that we would need to purchase later. Kirsten to do some homework on this.

e) $10 /Day Child Care:  The announcement was that fees will be reduced by next year, but it doesn’t look like the fees will actually get down to $10 /day for multiple years. There are additional spaces being opened up, but these will be in day homes and unlicensed facilities, and unfortunately, the money does not get specifically ear-marked, but it goes into a general fund. There will still be some lobbying and activism required around this.

f) Clothing Drive for MOM’s Canada: Josie to make a calendar with donation info for future.

5. Roundtable:

Amanda – First meeting and trying to get more people involved, but she wanted to check it out first.

Melinda – Also first meeting, (after paint night) Discussed encouraging people she knows to utilise Boxing Day to donate some of their old clothes.

Josie – Encouraged us all to listen to The Honest Heart Collective as they are Union friendly and have PSAC roots. (Listen to Strike Sound, written for PSAC, in honour of the 1991 PSAC strike)

Alin – Is looking forward to these events, and to helping to organize

Jenn – Not very good at sending out the notifications for these meetings to members of my local; will try to get better. Discussed survey about Feminine Hygiene products – Will follow up and look for it.

Kirsten – PSAC Dental Care plan survey is ongoing, so reply, fill in the survey, and get as many people as possible to fill it in as well. What kind of dental plan do you want? Have your say | Public Service Alliance of Canada (

 Meeting adjourned at 7:33