Prince Albert RWC Mtg Minutes (Nov 15 2011)

Present: Tracy Burton (Chair), Denni Nelson, Louise Mardell, Debbie Taylor


PSAC Women’s Committee Meeting

John M. Cuelenaere Public Library

November 15, 2011

Present: Tracy Burton (Chair), Denni Nelson, Louise Mardell, Debbie Taylor

Old Business

Discussion and evaluation

Election letter

project was not successful in having the impact considered needed

Leadership meeting October 27th

Sisters Burton and Nelson attended this meeting. Both felt it was a worthwhile endeavour

Contacts were established for networking

Sr. Mardell stated there would be a summary report forth coming. The Prairie Region Council will be meeting November 18 & 19. The group will review the report and then circulate the report to region.

Campaigns – petition to Tony Clements

Small business CFIB – people going out and talking to independent businesses. Discussions were about how successful / unsuccessful the campaigns are in our area

Concerns that expressions from individuals – what is working / what is not working

Strategic planning – how to mobilize our members to get them on board

How can we follow up on the ideas that were brought forward?

Steward Assemblies – forums for people to connect – 2 to 3 hours in PA and in Saskatoon


Mini School for Women’s committee – 3 workshops – social media skills education – hands on experience

Follow through – who is doing what? Combine training & education

How can we use these medias – not just introduction but actual “how to”

Mentoring – joint meeting

Workshops can be held in Prince Albert. Try to use facilities / resources that are economically feasible

Local development proposals – bring training to membership –

Turtle Island workshop – awareness course – builds awareness to Aboriginal history and issues. This workshop will be held in Winnipeg, MB likely in January or February 2012

Some Aboriginal members names have been put forward to co-deliver components of this course. The course is not just meant for Aboriginal members but for all members to bridge awareness

Education tab on Website – website will be revised to ensure clarity so that the training available is available for members in each province all regional offices


Steward assembles – one in Saskatoon and one in Prince Albert

Talking Union Basics – one course will be held in Prince Albert if there are enough participants

Discussion about education budget

Budget is available for rural training – includes Prince Albert 2

Senior supper/feed the hungry

The Senior Supper is not being held this year.

Feed the Hungry – occurred on November 15, 2011. RWC will not participate in this

Veterans’ Supper – is being sponsored by Friendship Centre on November 25, 2011. Discussion – RWC will not participate in this event this year

Christmas Hampers –

RWC will go to Social Services to get the name of one family and donate up to $100 for hamper

Motion by Sr. Burton to adopt a family, seconded by Sr.Nelson

December 6th – National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women – event being presented on behalf of PSAC Women’s committee. Army, Navy & Air force (ANA) Club Rooms – in Saskatoon, 6:30 PM. If a group from Prince Albert goes to Saskatoon, tasks will be available for everyone who attends

Motion by Sr. Nelson to send up to two vehicles to attend up to $250 seconded by Sr. Burton

Fridge magnets to commemorate December 6th will be coming from Regional office


Financial report submitted by Sr. Taylor – Accepted as read

Sr. Nelson received a flyer from Prairie Lilies

Sr. Nelson distributed flyer to several locals

Sr. Nelson received an invitation from SFL to attend a Labour Issues Campaign debrief in Saskatoon on November 24, 2011

Sr. Nelson will attend and provide input to help strengthen connections

Resolution for the convention

RWC will not submit a resolution at this time

Suggested meeting dates for the remainder of the year

February 21, 2012, May 15, 2012, August 21, 2012, November 20, 2012

Next meeting date – February 21, 2012


T. Burton, Chair