Prince Albert Area Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the September 5, 2013 Prince Albert Area Council Meeting
Prince Albert Area Council Meeting
September 5, 2013

In attendance: Paul Daigneault, Dallas Auger, Tim Hogan, Denni Nelson, Trudy Lerat, Louise Mardell-3 locals represented

Old Business:

Aboriginal BBQ was held July 13th and was a success.  No response yet from the Guiness world book of records, however.  468 people attended unofficially. 

New business:

Labour Day BBQ was held in conjunction with the PADLC.  There was a good turnout due to great weather.  Greg Thibeault is the new president.  The $200 was paid tonight to the PADLC.

Education: A Joint local officers training course will be offered in October.  A TUB course is planned for fall also. 

PRC Update-the next meeting will be held October 18-19 in Winnipeg. 

Financials-Ch 0071 will be used to pay for the meeting room tonight $25.00.

SFL Aboriginal Committee update: Bill 85 is working on a video of everyday people on the street asking their opinion of the Bill.A resolution to recognize Louis Riel day November 16th is in the works. 

THE AGM is slated for Monday September 30th at 5 pm at the JMC library.  Tim will do a phone tree to ensure attendance. 

Adjourn 5:45 pm