Prince Albert AC Mtg Minutes – May 23 2017

Prince Albert Area Council Minutes – May 23, 2017

Prince Albert and District Area Council
May 23, 2017
Present: Components: France Tremblay-Franc, Christina Creusot. Pennie Young, Melanie Trendocher.  Louise Mardell – PSAC Rep
Regrets: Rabia Chaudhari
Agenda: Addition of National Public Service Week to agenda, and change the date of previous meeting from Jan 17th to Jan 11th.  Motion to adopt with amendments: Sr Creusot seconded by Sr. Trendocher.
Anti-Harassment Resource: Louise Mardell
Jan Minutes: Sr. Tremblay-Franc pointed out that her name was spelled incorrectly in the January Minutes. Motion by Pennie, and seconded by France Tremblay-Franc.
PRC Representative: Pennie Young has stepped forward as the Area Council Rep because Sr. Blum has taken another role in the PRC.
PRC Alternate: Rabia Chaudhari has been nominated for Alternate to the PRC and accepted via text.  Elected through Acclamation.
PRC Second Alternate: Christina Creusot was nominated and elected by acclamation.
National Public Service Week: The committee discussed what we would like to do for Public Service week to bring attention to the problem with Phoenix. The committee decided on stickers to be distributed during public service week.  In addition Sr. Tremblay-Franc attempted to make an appointment with our MP who is out of the country that week, but a meeting will be made for the future.
Goals and strategies for 2017: Sr. Tremblay-Franc discussed that she would like to plan some events to show our membership what Area Council does.
The committee is going ahead with an informational brochure describing what area council is and what we do.
France discussed an event somewhat like a job fair where there would be tables with information on different union campaigns and/or community programs with a keynote speaker.  However her choice of speaker “Innu Meshkenu” was not available so we are going ahead with a $1000.00 town hall in the fall surrounding Union Campaigns, including a lunch, hall and key note speaker.  
Education:  The only program currently scheduled is Grievance Handling in June 2-3.  There will however be at least one advanced program, which looks like right now will be Local Officers Training.  A survey has been sent out asking each local what they feel is the training most needed.  
Financial Statement: Sr. Blum presented the 2016 and current 2017 financial statements for review by the committee.  Sr. Young motioned to accept the financial statements as presented, Sr. Creusot seconded.
Louise asked us to reach out to other components to come to the next area council meeting.
Next Meeting: Sept 7th, 5 PM at Grainfields
Motion to Adjourn Christina Creusot