PRC Meeting Minutes (June 2014)

Minutes from the June 2014 Prairie Region Council meeting.



June 26 – 30, 2014
TCU Place – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


  • Marianne Hladun, REVP Prairies
  • Satinder Bains, Southern Saskatchewan Representative
  • Shaun Brennand, Regina Area Council Representative
  • Dave Burchell, Persons with Disabilities Representative
  • Denni Ernst, Northern Saskatchewan Representative
  • David Fandrich, Southern Alberta Representative
  • Deborah Wiens, Alternate REVP
  • Alec Goertzen, Calgary Area Council Representative
  • Tim Hogan, Prince Albert Area Council Representative
  • Timothy Hunt, GLBT Representative
  • Chad Kemery, Separate Employer Representative
  • Nancy Johnson, RWC Representative
  • Glen Johnston, North West Manitoba Representative
  • Gus Mardli, South East Manitoba Representative
  • Jackie Nettleton, Saskatoon Area Council Representative
  • Susan Norman, Westman Area Council Representative
  • David Pearson, Lethbridge Area Council Representative
  • Gary J Sparvier, Aboriginal Representative
  • Matt Tijani, Winnipeg Area Council Representative
  • Lisa Garnier, Regional Coordinator – Prairies
  • Jeffrey Vallis, Regional Political Communications Officer – Prairies
  • Paula Nygaard, Secretary Winnipeg Regional Office


  • Imy Bhatty, Racially Visible Representative
  • Darlene Lewis, Edmonton Area Council Representative

Call to Order:  26 June 2014

The meeting was called to order by Sister Marianne Hladun at 9:09 a.m.

Adoption of Agenda

There was no circulated agenda.  The only agenda item is Convention. PRC Rep Reports are included as Convention Reports.

Hours of Session

The hours of session were adopted.

Opening Remarks

Sister Marianne Hladun welcomed the Committee to Saskatoon and advised everyone the Committee is considered to be sitting until the end of the Convention on Sunday.

The scent free and harassment policies are in effect.  The harassment coordinator for the meeting is Sister Lisa Garnier.

Sister Lisa Garnier advised the names of the Nominations and Credentials Committees as follows:

Nominations Committee

  • Bob Jackson, Elections Chairperson
  • Deb Kosteniuk, Alberta
  • Campbell Alexander, Manitoba
  • Bonnie Heidt, Saskatchewan
  • Lisa Garnier, Staff Advisor

Credentials Committee

  • Jennie Grundy, Alberta
  • Alain Courcelles, Manitoba
  • Patricia Lumbata, Saskatchewan
  • Tom Milne, Staff Advisor

As of this morning there are 275 delegates, 30 observers, 11 NBOD and 5 guest at convention.

Roundtable Discussions

Lisa advised Registration is taking place this evening from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. and again tomorrow morning.  All PRC Members present were handed their Registration Kits.

There will be WIFI Access and charging stations available on the floor. 

Jeffrey requested volunteers to introduce the speakers. 

Discussions took place to determine if the PRC Members should sit in a separate PRC Section at the front of Convention or if they would sit with their Components.  After lengthy discussions and vote it was decided there would be a PRC Section however, Reps not wishing to sit in the PRC Section are to advise Lisa upon adjournment of this meeting so the seating chart can be revised. 

Marianne provided details relating to general procedures and the order of resolutions during Convention. 

Glen questioned if allergies etc. had been taken into consideration for the Tailgate Party and if there was still an opportunity to purchase more tickets.  Lisa advised that Alison has ensured special meals were ordered for members with allergies and that special care was taken when ordering the main meals.  Anyone needing more banquet tickets should contact Alison.

Discussions took place regarding the Financials for 2011 – 2013.  Specifically who appointed the auditors, why there were only 2 and not 3, and why was there such a delay.  Marianne explained it was discussed in Oct 2013 to have 3 committee treasures do the audit.  One member had to cancel but the two other conducted the audit.

Nancy questioned why the website still has resolutions listed that had been declared out of order. Jeffrey responded the resolutions packages on the website are based on all original submissions.  Marianne further explained they will not be removed as there must be a history of all submissions.

Denni wanted to know why they just received copies of the audited financials signed off on June 20. Marianne advised that the audit was done earlier in June but the members did not come in to sign until June 20th.  There were no audit recommendations supplied.

Timothy questioned where the list of Acronyms came from as it is not correct.  Marianne advised the list is from Ottawa and that Jeffrey will look into missing ones.

Alec wanted to know if there is a set protocol over the timing of the elections. Marianne responded the elections must be completed prior to the closing of Convention.  Elections will certainly be a lot quicker if the electronic voting passes. If the resolution for electronic voting does not pass on Friday, delegates have the option to amend the agenda to give time for paper balloting.

Gus asked why the Prairies Convention is not 3 full days.  Marianne responded the flights in and out of Saskatoon are very limited so we had to work around the flight availability so delegates did not have to incur another hotel night.

Dave wondered why the Alberta mileage rate is so much less than the rest of the Prairies?  Marianne stated the NJC rates are used as per instructions from HQ.  Jeffrey will re-send the email outlining how rates are determined.

Discussions and clarifications took place regarding submitting resolutions and emergency resolutions for the Convention.

Alison provided a brief explanation on advances, self-identification forms, and extra banquet tickets. She then handed out expense claims forms.

Meeting was recessed 11:20 a.m.

Meeting adjourned Sunday, June 29 at 12:00 p.m.