PRC Conference Call Minutes (September 2015)

Minutes from the September 2 & 10, 2015 Prairie Region Council conference calls discussing and making a decision on the location of the 2017 PSAC Prairie Region Convention.

PRC Conference Call 
Wednesday, September 2, 2015 

Attended: Satinder Bains, Deanna Getz, Alec Goertzen, Jennifer Grant, Kim Haynes, Janette Husak, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston, Chad Kemery, Gregory Krokosh, Michelle Lang, Ben Lemon, Trudy Lerat, Gus Mardli, Jackie Nettleton, Matt Tijani, Marianne Hladun Staff: Jeffrey Vallis, Alison Davis 

Regrets: Timothy Hunt, Sam Akinsanya 

Call to order: 7:04 pm 

Marianne asked if everyone had a chance to read the XO from Sister Robyn Benson that was sent this morning. It contains direction for how we need to look at booking our Convention location. 

Alison advised that she has looked into Calgary, Edmonton and Banff for the 2017 Prairies Convention. Edmonton was the only feasible option because it has the Shaw Conference Centre and two unionized hotels. The date they have available is May 5-7, 2017 and they can offer us 330 rooms/night between the two hotels. There is no other hotel that can provide unionized rooms and the two hotels have offered their max numbers. 

Alison advises that the XO/28/15 clarifies that we must be looking for space that could accommodate our max number of delegates and staff which would be approximately 490. Given this number she contacted the Fairmont in Winnipeg to check for availability. They have June 16-18, available and the Radisson and Fort Garry hotels could cover the remainder of the rooms needed to the max 490. The Fairmont also has April 21-23, 2017 available but still am awaiting confirmation from the Canad Inn Polo Park to see if they have availability that weekend. 

It was asked how an XO can be challenged and Marianne advises that an XO can only be challenged by a motion at an NBoD meeting. 

The PRC asks Alison to look into availability in Regina for the same three month period. No costing will be done but just look at availability of the space needed. The next call is scheduled for September 10, 2015 at 7 pm (MB time). 

Meeting adjourned.

PRC Conference Call 
Thursday, September 10, 2015 

Attended: Sam Akinsanya, Deanna Getz, Alec Goertzen, Timothy Hunt, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston, Deb Kosteniuk, Gregory Krokosh, Michelle Lang, Ben Lemon, Trudy Lerat, Gus Mardli, Jackie Nettleton, Murray Pruden, Matt Tijani, Marianne Hladun Staff: Jeffrey Vallis, Alison Davis 

Regrets: Chad Kemery 

Call to order: 7:05 pm 

Marianne conveyed that right before the PRC call Sister Benson found out we were considering June 16-18 in Winnipeg, and instructed that we could not hold the Prairies Convention on those dates, as the North and BC had already confirmed those dates for their Conventions. 

When Alison reviewed the calendar of events, dated August 19, the only Convention listed was the North. However, Robyn confirmed BC has also booked and there cannot be three regional conventions on the same weekend, due to limited resources from headquarters (IT assistance, support staff, political advisors, etc.). 

Alison advised that our only other available date in Winnipeg during the three-month window (April – June) is April 21-23. We’d just have to reconfirm the rooms are available. 

Alison gave the same three months to Regina and worked with the Queensbury Convention Centre to find available dates. During those three months, only eight weekends didn’t have a conflict with our calendar of events. Of those weekends, only three weekends worked for the Convention Centre. 

Alison gave those three available weekends to Tourism Regina and asked them to look into rooms. We are required to be able to book 490 rooms, as close together as possible and in the same quality of hotel, if possible. They came back with one set of dates: May 26-28, 2017. 

Alison hasn’t looked into costing. As discussed on the previous PRC call, we were only looking into the possibility of holding it in Regina and available dates. We’re on a “first option” for Fairmont, which means if another interested party wants those dates, we have 24 hours to sign a contract. 

When making the decision, we need to consider what location will provide the best delegate experience. 

Marianne advised PRC that before we had a specific convention line item we would always take $40-50,000 from surplus to use for regional convention. That option is 

always there, with the recommendation and approval of the Council so its not necessarily a decision based solely on cost. Currently, because we had a lot of last-minute cancellations for the 2014 regional convention, we have approximately $40,000 left in the regional convention account. 

Marianne did a roundtable of all PRC members present on the call asking if there were further questions and/or if they had a preference before a motion was accepted. Additional questions answered and comments included: 

  •  Restaurants etc. are closer in Winnipeg 
  •  Delegates to the 2014 convention passed a resolution to rotate among the provinces even though Winnipeg is cheaper. 
  •  Based on experience with the two cities, Winnipeg has a better surrounding circle of hotels. We have to consider the delegates’ experience. In Winnipeg we have an opportunity to go to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Maybe we can hold a gala there. There are some more opportunities in Winnipeg. 
  •  Preference for Winnipeg because of logistics and we had it in Saskatchewan last time so it’s Manitoba’s turn in the rotation. 
  •  One of the things that can create problems for us is to move people around logistically. For that reason, Winnipeg would be preferable. 
  •  Question was raised about max number of rooms per hotel. Alison advised that in Regina the rooms available are: Ramada 120, Hotel Sask 100, Delta Regina 150, Double Tree, 121 = 491. 
  •  Preference for Winnipeg because Fairmont has hosted it before so it’s easier, the fact we can hold it in the ballroom and everything’s downtown. Plus, the Delta could only hold 150, where Fairmont can max out at 250. 
  •  Question asked if we have quorum? (Yes.) Will the minutes be published? (Yes.) Will the XO letter be published with the minutes? (Yes, we can include it.) 
  •  Concern that Alberta is being ostracized because of the XO and unless unions organize, they’ll still be ostracized. 

Marianne advised that she invited Robyn to the November 27-29 PRC meeting, but she was already booked to attend BC’s Regional Council meeting. 


While it has been the practice to rotate the location for the Prairies Convention through each of the Prairie Provinces; 

In light of the issuance of XO/28/15, dated September 2, 2015, as no appropriate venues are available in the province of Alberta; 

Be it resolved the Prairies Regional Convention be held in Winnipeg, April 21-23, 2017. 

m/s/c Gus Mardli, Matt Tijani (recorded vote attached)

Recorded vote – CARRIED

Meeting ajourned.