Prairies on Patrol


The recent labour disputes with CUPW and CAW have shown frightening new trends in bargaining that include a relentless attack on our retirement security and hard-earned health benefits, and a government that is all too willing to introduce back-to-work legislation if their corporate friends are inconvenienced.

We need to shape public opinion on the impact of cuts to public services on Canadian families and communities, and mobilize our members for what will be a long fight. But we need your help. Let us know about cuts in your workplaces and how they are affecting you and your coworkers. Together, the Prairie Region is on patrol for government cuts and injustices in the workplace.

Drastic cuts to services are not an acceptable way of reducing the deficit, and together we will send a strong message to this government that their poor decisions are affecting our families, our communities and our country.

We’ll be holding leadership/steward assemblies in the fall throughout the region where we will prepare and plan for our fight back:
  • A number of topics will be addressed including an overview of WFA and planning to bring the campaign into the locals using the steward networks, following up upcoming assembles of the stewards across the region.
  • We will discuss the budget, the impact (current and projected), and how to engage grassroots members in supporting this campaign.  We will discuss the tactics needed to make the voices of our member heard.  We will include lobby training in the assemblies and plan events around political action including lobbying MPs.
  • Locals will be asked to identify training needs for their locals on CA and WFA rights, protections and processes.
  • We will also use opportunities to link the budget fight back to events related to collective bargaining through our bargaining teams locals and steward networks throughout the year, as well as any other major gathering of our membership across the region.
  • We want to establish a method of tracking of job cuts, the fight back responses to the cuts, and how we make our concerns public concerns.