Philip Chan Report February 2018

This will be a short report as I have not had a lot of activities since 2017 PSAC prairie region convention.

In June of the same year, I participated in an ice-cream event with the Calgary Area Council (CAC) at the Harry Hays Building in downtown Calgary. We provided free ice-cream bars to cool down members that were burnt by the Phoenix pay system. Furthermore, I had the privilege of being elected as the new chair of the Calgary Human Rights Committee (CHRC) – which I thank Brother Timothy Hunt for all his services to the committee over the past few years.

In September, I took part once more at the annual Calgary District Labour Council (CDLC) Labour Day BBQ at Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary. I had the honour of being involved as a representative of both CAC and CHRC. Once again, it was a great event with large turn-out – in fact, we had the honour of Premier Notley attending our tent while taking a quick symbolic spin at our prize wheel.

I helped to organize the screening of Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLiFF) short films once again at the Calgary regional office in November. There were several films, and the AUPE (Alberta Union of Provincial Employees) 5-part series – Introduction to Workers’ History – is worthwhile for everyone to take a look at.

I took part in the PSAC leadership training held in Ottawa in December. It is inspiring to see all the activists gathered in the same room – experts and newcomers alike. Hopefully this passion shall carry on, all the while ignites many other brothers and sisters after us.

Lastly, I regret to add this to the report. My term-employment with Statistics Canada came to an early end in 2017 – despite being employed as a term-employee for the past 5 years (and I solider on with my union involvement through the gracious limited extension of my membership). During this difficult period, I had sufficient time to reorganize CHRC back into fine form – while making sure all the finances were all passed on neatly for both CAC and CHRC. Furthermore, I like to express my appreciation to all the brothers and sisters that have helped and involved with my union activism over the years. I do not know what the future shall hold, but I am both grateful and thankful of the education and opportunities that were provided to me by the union.

Respectively submitted (late) in solidarity,

Phillip Chan


submitted after the deadline