Northern Alberta RWC Mtg Minutes - February 8, 2018

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)

Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee (RWC)

General Meeting

February 8, 2108 PSAC Edmonton RO


In attendance:

Patty Jessome: Chair

Km Cardinal: Co-chair

Charmaine Nelson: Treasurer

Colette Lee: Secretary

Mavis Callihoo: Member

Deb Basaraba: Member

Nina Babcook: PSAC Regional Representative


Cindy Verner


1. Call to Order: Patty Jessome called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m.

2. Harassment Statement: read by Charmaine Nelson

3. Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c - Cardinal/Nelson/carried

4. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda/minutes:

  • October 19, 2017
  • December 14, 2017
  • January 13, 2018 - m/s/c Callihoo/Basaraba/carried

5. Reports: m/s - Nelson/Cardinal

        5.1  Chairperson’s report: presented verbally by Patty Jessome

See appendix 1

        5.2  Treasurer’s report: presented by Charmaine Nelson

See appendix 2

6.  Previous Business:

         6.1 Food for Women: The Gift Cards (GC) purchased for the Food for Women campaign was delivered to Jan Reimer. However, the GCs purchased for SAGE still need to be delivered.

         6.2 Planning Meeting: A special thank you to all who attended this meeting. Patty is       confident it went well and that the information gathered is helpful with the move forward into 2018.

7. New Business

         7.1 Budget - Discuss and finalize budget for 2018

See Appendix 3

          7. 2 Budget Discussion

  • Women 4 Rights and Empowerment: Patty received a request for a donation from the local grassroots group Women 4 Rights and Empowerment to help with its International Women’s Day Rally and symposium. The committee agreed to donate $300, which was verbally approved by Marianne at the Feb. 9th Canada Place rally.
  • International Womens Day: Patty created a poster for International Women’s Day (IWD) workshop and rally, which was distributed by PSAC for the IWD events.
  • Workshops: Nina stated that PSAC will be putting on workshops on various topics (Violence, Labour History etc.). The material discussed/laid out at the workshops cannot be altered or changed. She will also follow up with Karoline and get back to the Committee on the workshops being offered
  • Domestic Violence Workshop: Deb suggested that a possible workshop on Domestic Violence (informational session) be provided or possibly workshops on diversity, childcare etc. - 1 day could be split into 2 evenings
  • Pampering Workshop: Kim suggested a workshop on the pampering of women; focusing on empowerment and self-care
  • Team Building Workshop: (Max 20 participants) $500.00 for food recommended
  • Fund Raising: Patty noted that, fundraising was not a popular discussion amongst the committee members in attendance.

          7.3 Signing Authority:

Kim and Patty will go to Servus Credit Union (Edmonton) for Kim’s signing authority. Nina shared the new banking process for PSAC.

          7.4 Team Building Day:

Discussion to hold off on this event as the office is very busy and there is a lot going on in February and March. It has now been scheduled to April 21, 2018.

          7.5 Talking Stick Workshop:

March 1, 2018: (Executive members only)

          7.6 Dream Catcher workshop:

March 17, 2108. Edmonton Human Rights Committee (EHRC) will be           hosting this event. Let’s support the EHRC and please attend if possible.

          7.7 Days of Action:

February 9th and 28th, 2018. Let’s try and support the rallies.

8.0 Actions

See Appendix 3

9.0 Agenda for next meeting: Not discussed

10.0 Round table:

  • Colette: pass
  • Mavis - wish more people would get involved, however stated that the ideas brought up at this meeting were wonderful
  • Kim: personal goal is to engage self and respect time management. She also stated that transportation to the meetings is difficult and that we need to find away to engage our members more
  • Nina - PSAC education Talking Union Basics (TUB) attendance was spectacular!!!) Keep up the good work. FYI: Nina is available to pick up or drop off stuff for committees
  • Deb - noted that Prime Minister stated that poverty is a big issue for Indigenous people, wide spread racism is present. / Aboriginal people are just being told to go home / close knit families / Bad news but good news
  • Patty - we all have to be responsible for how Aboriginal people are being treated now and in the future.

11.0 Wrap up Song: Aretha Franklin (RESPECT) Sang, danced, cheered!!! Lots of fun.

12.0 Next meeting date, time and location: March 6, 2018 @ 5:30pm / Edmonton PSAC RO

13.0 Adjournment: Patty adjourned the meeting at 7:20pm

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