RAPC Minutes - December 18, 2017

RAPC  Meeting
December 18, 2017, Minutes
5:15 P.M. Call to Order
In Attendance:
• Dave Beeds - Chair
• Paul Daigneault – Vice Chair
• Janette  Husak  - Secretary/Treasurer
Welcome and round table introductions
Review of last meeting minutes 
Minutes from October 5, 2017 have been reviewed and approved. 
Chair report – No report
Secretary – No report 
Treasurer’s Report – 
• Current Bank Balance is $81.10  as of November 30, 2017 
Other business
• Discussed RAPC Allocation discrepancies  - Letter from Marianne
Janette will send a more detailed description to Marianne on the cheques that didn’t have no description on.  Committee agreed to be better book keeping and more details for 2018. 
• Secretary/Treasurer position is currently filled by vacant Janette Husak.
• Committee executive is as follows:  
Dave Beeds – Chair
Paul Daigneault – Vice Chair
Janette Husak – Secretary/Treasurer
• Paul still needs to go to the Bank to sign bank signatorie.
Next meeting:
• February 2018 to finalize 2017 reporting package
Adjourn  - 6:00 pm.
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