Northern Alberta RWC Mtg Minutes - Aug 2 2017

Northern Alberta Regional

Womens Committee

August 2, 2017

In attendance:

Patty Jessome: Chair

Dragana Ristivojevich: Vice Chair

Charmaine Nelson: Treasurer

Darlene Lewis: member

Colette Lee: member

Kim Haynes: member (teleconference)


PSAC staff in attendance:

Nina Babcook: A/PSAC Rep.


Kim Cardinal: Secretary


  1. Welcome - Call to Order - Patty called the meeting to order @ 5:35 pm
  2. Introductions
  3. Last meeting minutes (June 28, 2017) - Adoption - Addition to: Darlene delivered a card to Roma’s Flowers - motion made to table minutes until next RWC meeting so that the June 28th minutes could be updated with this task.
  4. Darlene Lewis informed the group she sent a card to Roma’s Flower Shop for the flowers that were supplied for the Dec. 6th National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women in Canada.
  5. Financial Report: presented by Charmaine Nelson
  • $850.00 (Food for Women) was deposited
  • $2100.00 (RWC Budget) is forthcoming as per Marianne Hladun




Balance brought forth (June 1-30, 2017)


As per Bank Statement

Deposit to account


Food for Women Campaign

Cheque to come from MH


RWC Budget

Cheque (out)



Payment (out)


Area Council

Estimated Total:


To be Confirmed


Childcare seminar: the seminar will get some or all of the childcare seminar monies ($2100) from Ottawa.

Patty also requested additional funds be provided for the meal budget for committee meetings as we have ran out for the year.

Nina will clarify (follow-up)

Marianne Hladun requested that individual spreadsheets be completed for each individual RWC activity. Patty suggested adding tabs on the financial spreadsheet to keep everything in one place.

5. Follow up of previous business:

Due to unforeseen circumstances additional time was requested for the FB page. Patty to ‘follow-up’ at next RWC meeting.

6. New Business:

  • Darlene Lewis dropped a card off to Roma’s Flower Shop for the flowers that were supplied for the Dec. 6th National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women in Canada.
  • Topic: Universal Childcare Seminar (September 16, 2017) at the Edmonton PSAC Regional office
  • Nina spoke to Canada Place (CP) about providing (childcare) for the Seminar. It should be noted that CP backed out (indicated that they don’t work Saturdays)
  • Nina spoke to Grant McEwan - information forthcoming.
  • Two volunteers will be required (Component/Local) for the on-site childcare during the Seminar - Criminal Record Check (vulnerable persons) required - Approx. cost: $20.00
  • Patty suggested a person that might be interested however will speak to person first

7. Save the Day Poster (Revamped)

  1. Nina: Poster sent out to all affiliates
  2. Kim: Will send out invitations
  3. 50/50 Draw (Charity) - emails sent out - Liquor License required (Kim stated she will get it)

8. Rally/March (noted: time restraints)

  1. Unclear if permits will be required. Carm to look into while Nina is on holidays.
  2. Extras for March (noise makers) - i.e. whistles fan/slappers, body banners, balloons (helium)
  3. Patty to create poster for March. Sent out to executive and will be handed over to PSAC office on August 16th for distribution.
  4. Facebook was suggested to create an ‘Event” as is will gage possible attendance’ – Patty will create. Share, share, share!!!
  5. Marianne H. will do up Media release for March.

Note childcare seminar: Things to note

Registration begins at 8:30

Nina and Morna will facilitate afternoon workshop

Afternoon snack ($350.00) - suggested that food be pre purchased at Costco (great options/reasonable prices)

9. Round table - no comments received

10. Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm

Our Organization: