Edmonton AC Meeting Minutes - September 20, 2016

Edmonton Area Council Meeting 20 September 2016 Called to order 17:31 Present: Vice President: Ben Lemon , Mildred Ncube, Joe Sunu, & Kara Rathie & Chris Beaton Staff Present: Karoline Klug, Regional Representative Adoption of the Agenda Minutes: Adoption of 12 July minutes Final Details of the Solidary Brunch were discussed Planning of CLIFF (Canada Labour Int’l Film Festival): Date will be the at 1730 17 November (Thursday). New business: Discuss Steve’s Resolution – as it needs to be submitted by the 8 Dec. Varia: Elections for all Edmonton Committees’ will be on the 8 Dec – All positions will be available. No Financial Update: as Kim was away. Meeting was adjourned at 1810hrs
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