Saskatoon RWC Mtg Minutes - Jan 17 2017

Minutes of the Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee January 17, 2017

Attendance: Leila White, Audrey Berlovan, Corinne McKay, Tamara Young, Samantha Benesh, Marine Lie, Melissa McGrath

Planning events for new year :
• One day conference based on liking yourself, assertiveness, mental health for women, 3-4 modules, possible keynote speaker, laughter yoga, challenging the stereotype of today’s women.
o Approx. 20 registrants
o Either workday or Saturday depending on budget
o Is a Saturday provide child care
o Venue – Wanaskawin
o May 5/6 10:00 – 4:00 in order for travel for out of town participants
o Reviewed the Facebook page.
o Talked about education sessions – ideas such as deconstructing media, how to use social media as an organizing tool
o Video events or announcements for upcoming meetings/events
o Encourage participation from all age groups
o RWC to cover all costs
• Political action events – 400.00
o Take back the night – hot chocolate/coffee
o Day of mourning
o Annual holiday event
o Sisters in spirit
• Community outreach – 300.00
o feminine hygiene products to homeless
o summer snack program
• 4 meetings for the year – 300.00
• One day conference – 6700.00

Next meeting April 12@5:30 PSAC office
Meeting adjourned

Our Organization: