Saskatoon RWC Mtg Minutes - Nov 14 2016

Minutes of the PSAC Regional Women’s Committee
November 14, 2016
Election or affirmation of the Chair:
 Leila White was affirmed as Chair
 Corrine McKay affirmed as Treasurer
 Audrey Berlovan affirmed as Secretary

National Equity Conference representative:
 Corinne McKay elected to represent the Woman’s committee at the conference
 Leila White as alternate
 Registration to be submitted as soon as possible

Priorities for the year:
 Get known
 Become more comfortable with social media avenues
 Breakdown barriers – if any – for others to attend the meetings
 Reviewed and talked about budgets and next year activities

New media/technology that could be used to increase the number of participants:
 Leila will develop a Facebook page for the Saskatoon and area committee
 Look at some training opportunities to learn how to best use social media
 Work at staying connected with other women’s groups in the area

Convention resolutions:
 Due by December 8th
 Resolution training happening November 19th possibly look at presenting a resolution to be more inclusive of any person identifying as a woman to be included in the committee. Leila will work on the wording at the training session on the 19th.

Delegate to the Prairie Regional Convention:
 Leila White selected to as Delegate
 Corinne McKay as Alternate
 Registration to be submitted as soon as possible
 Registration to be submitted as soon as possible

Upcoming events: (did we set a time?)
 Brief meeting prior to the remembrance ceremony
 December 6 – National day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women a short presentation by Leila and wine and cheese in remembrance of the anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique Massacre.
 December 8 – PSAC open house women’s committee to assist where needed
 Leila will contact Gloria Kelly to participate in the next meeting and advise on steps moving forward.

Our Organization: