Saskatoon AC AGM Mtg Minutes - Mar 8 2016

Saskatoon and District Area Council
AGM Meeting Minutes of March 8, 2016

Attendance: Jackie Nettleton, Doug Kopko, Garry Cherneske, Elena Beynon, Jim Austin, Nancy Johnson, Karen Zoller, Evelyn Jackson

Staff: Louise Mardell, Regional Rep

President’s report:
Jackie provided a written report for the AGM.
Marianne sent her regrets, as she had a prior engagement.
Treasurer’s report:
Nancy provided copy of February 2016 bank statement and balance is $58.34.
Budget Approval:
Presented the proposed 2016 Budget and went through the document in details with the members.
Motion: That we adopt the proposed 2016 budget m/s Nancy/Jim
Area Council Financial reporting will be audited and sent to REVP’s office by March 15th deadline
Election of Officers:
Louise conducted the elections.
Position of President:
Jackie Nettleton nominated by Garry Cherneske, seconded by Elena Beynon
No furthur nominations
Jackie accepted and declared acclaimed
Position of VP
No nominations and members would recruit for election for next meeting
Position of Secretary/Treasurer
Evelyn Jackson nominated by Jackie Nettleton, seconded by Garry Cherneske
No further nominations
Evelyn accepted and declared acclaimed
Louise administered the Oath of Office and witnessed by Jim Austin
Oaths will be kept in Area Council folder

Approval of Bylaws:
Jackie provided copy of Bylaws and asked if there were any requests received to change/amend. No changes at this time. Nancy will get them posted to website on the Area Council page.

Nancy has accepted a term assignment until end of June 2016. She can participate as a dues paying member/member in good standing.
Louise asked that we try to recruit members to join the Area Council and that you advise the RO when there will be AGM’s so that she can attend. Education courses in April and May for Talking Union Basics and Grievance Handling.

Our Organization: