Edmonton AC Mtg Minutes - Apr 15 2015

In Attendance:
Kim Haynes, Ben Lemon, Dave Burchell, Genevieve Babineau, Dragana Ristivojevic, Carm Chan, Denise Davey, Chantelle Favel-Rubenstahl, Kelly-Webster-Kelly, Carisa David, Murray Pruden
Regrets: James Somers

1. Call to order at 5:43 PM.
2. Approval of previous minutes – approved by consensus with corrections.
3. Reports- Finance: No change of finances. Working on dates to go to the Credit Union for banking signing authority.
4. Provincial Election May 5/15 – Discussion on the target ridings & information to send to either the candidates or members on the 3 ridings in Edmonton. The 3 ridings are: Goldbar, Manning & Glenora. The 3 NDP candidates are Marlen Schmidt, Heather Sweet & Sarah Hoffman. Oneil & Ben suggest targeting one of the 3 ridings. It has been suggested that we ask the candidates 2 questions. Kim suggested the questions should be based on child care & missing Aboriginal women. Another suggestion was cuts to public service, healthcare and seniors care.

Question came up: what is being done for the Aboriginal vote? There are concerns, especially leading to the federal election on having people with roper ID’s and address information to vote because of the elections act. More discussion is needed after the provincial elections is done.

Area council came up with 3 solid questions and scenarios: Child care, healthcare & senior’s care. With all 3 topics these are the questions: What is your understanding on the following issues? What is your plan to address these issues? How is your party going to address each of them? Each question will be addressed to the top 3 parties: NDP, PC & Wildrose. Suggestion was made to send these questions to all 3 main candidates in our own ridings to see the responses but also to see who responds back & report back to Areal Council.

Suggestion that this action will also be good for the Federal election as well. Carm has stated that she is on the organizing committee and will bring us updates on further actions and guidance. Suggestion that there be made an email statement to all members to get them to vote.
5. We looked at the letter request to have someone at PSAC to man a table at the St-Albert 50+ Club Senior’s Expo on May 6, 2015 from 10 am to 1 pm. Ben volunteered to sit at the table for the event.

Our Organization: