Edmonton AC Mtg Minutes - Feb 18 2015

Meeting Minutes – February 18, 2015
In Attendance:
Kim Haynes, Oneil Carlier, Ben Lemon, Dave Burchell, Genevieve Babineau, Steve Sukhbir, Marija Babic, Dragana Ristivojevic, Murray Pruden
Regrets: Terri Flynn
1. Call to order at 5:30 pm
2. Approval of previous minutes with corrections mentioned by Steve, 2nd by Kim.
3. Approval of Agenda with additions – approved by consensus.
4. Reports- Finance: Kim – no change in finances.
5. Previous Business
a. Planning – Steve: nothing to add to this meeting.
b. Recruitment- Keep recruiting members to attend.
c. Survey Monkey- Table to next meeting.
d. Car Stickers – Ben has an idea for a slogan/theme “We Do That”, a rubber stamp slogan for the stickers. Kim also showed interest to the sticker idea as a placard idea. The question was asked “How big/size are the stickers?” Ben suggests the stickers could be 4X6. Kim has suggested a unionized business as supplier for the sticker – to help formulate the price & format. There now is a suggestion to have an adhesive placard that would be easy to put and take down at leisure. More discussion will commence at next meeting.
e. Fight Back Campaign – table to next meeting
f. Spring Election (Federal & Provincial) – Oneil submitted a handout on targeted provincial info based on AFL target ridings, existing NDP held ridings & suggestions for the Edmonton Area Council. It was suggested to support candidates that are labour friendly within their campaigns. Kim suggests we should follow the suggestion – contact the candidates in one or more ridings with a list of questions. Oneil suggests that we should organize a town-hall meeting in one or more ridings. As for budget purposes monies will be needed for our election tasks – leave with pay for volunteers, mailing, phone calls, volunteers, travel to name a few required costs. Kim also suggests we should also contact our members in the ridings. Murray & Kim will be in charge of contacting Jeffrey Vallis from PRC for communication support & strategy. Ben suggests to add the need to contact members by social media, Dave agrees. It was stated that there can be extra monies/budget through PSAC for elections, so it can help with our cost. Dave suggests radio media as another avenue for the council to look at too. Federal election strategy will follow the plan set for provincial election: Organize a town hall meeting in one or more ridings, contact all of our members in one or more ridings, and contact the candidates in one or more ridings with a list of three formulated questions addressing members’ needs. Murray provided the council information pertaining to federal districts for election attained by PRC. Each regional office/area council will retain the information in confidence for work involving federal election.

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