Edmonton Human Rights Committee Coloring Book Drive

The children of Fort McMurray have lost so much. Imagine if you had been evacuated from a huge fire, and had probably lost everything, or you have been displaced with no idea when you can return your children to their safe place… home!
Let’s give these children something to do so the parents can have some time to see their children being children in a time of tragedy.

Edmonton Human Rights Committee is doing a drive for NEW:

1. Colouring books (all ages)
2. Word search books
3. Puzzle books
4. Crayons (wax, and coloured pencils)
5. Pencils, sharpeners, etc.
6. Money

We need volunteers!!!!! To help with:
1. Calling corporations, businesses for donations
2. People to sort through the items
3. Money

So please. If you could spare a little time, (or money), please contact james.psac@gmail.com.
Let’s do a little something for our neighbours who have already been through so much. You never know, we might even be helping an adult in distress (I know I have coloured a time or two!)

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