Saskatoon AC Mtg Minutes - Nov 24 2015

Saskatoon and District Area Council Meeting
November 24, 2015

Present: Jackie Nettleton, President (AGR), Karen Zoller, AGR, Nancy Johnson, Treasurer/Secretary (UTE), Garry Cherneske (AGR), Leila White (USGE), Evelyn Jackson (UNDE) via telephone
Elena Beynon (AGR) stuck in traffic due to snowstorm


President’s Report:

Labour BBQ was another successful event. Thanks to Martha and Nancy for helping out that day. It was very cold and rainy; we managed to get a tent, which helped keep us covered. The weather didn’t stop the community from attending. We had tattoos, balloons, suckers and play doh. We were busy all day. It was a lot of fun too.

Jackie thanked Nancy for taking the lead on the All Candidates debate and that REVP had hired an elections assistant, Jesse Todd to help get the vote out to members. He assisted behind the scenes, organizing the format of the event. Marianne did a good job chairing the debate.

Area council members attended the Remembrance Day at SaskTel Centre and a wreath was laid on behalf of PSAC.

Treasurer’s Report:
Bank balance as of August 31st was $675.34 from August bank statement. This does not show the $900.00 allocation deposited in September.
Nancy thanked the Executive for promptly signing changes at bank. She still has not received books and records from previous treasurer but has a chequebook to reimburse for outstanding expenses. Nancy gave an outline for the financial reporting requirements due March 15th. She also asked that the members approve outstanding amounts to Jackie and herself from Labour Day BBQ, Summer Snack Program and meeting expenses.

Open House:

Committee discussed possible date as December 16th, Nancy will confirm office availability and send poster information to Martha for posting and distribution. Nancy and Jackie will arrange the food and refreshments amongst the two committees. Nancy will take care of food and Jackie refreshments. We had to change the date to the 17th as office scheduled on the 16th.

PRC meeting is scheduled this weekend and Jackie and Nancy asked if there were any issues that the members wanted to be brought forward. No issues presented.

Nancy provided an update on National Human Rights Committee and date for the National Equity conferences will be March 24-28, 2017 in Toronto.
Regional Women’s Conference date not yet determined.

Committee approved all outstanding expenses.

Next meeting: January 20th, 2016

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